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Video/Audio teachings by Bryan Maples.

Relationship & Communication With Daddy (Audio)

In a world that is looking through supplements, nutrition, and medicines to produce energy – there is but one answer: Life comes from knowing God. Men and women were created to know God, have relationship and hear from Him. This is what life is: knowing God! The fullness of life!

Join us Wednesday nights at 6:30pm for a time of worship and Bible teaching. Childcare is provided, so if you need some refreshing time with the Lord in Colorado Springs, come on by! Contact me for directions and location information.

How Could A Loving God Send People To Hell? (Audio)

Join us Wednesday nights at 6:30pm for Wednesday Night Church! Let’s take a look at the answer to the question, “How Could A Loving God Send People To Hell?” We’ll look at Hell, redemption and associated questions. Thank you Jesus for rescuing us from such a terrible state!

God Loves You & Is For You (Audio)

From Wednesday Night Faith Church: A great reminder. Let this message purify your thoughts about how God views you and thinks about you.

Why We Cant Depend On Feelings, Only Faith (Audio)

What is the correct position for feelings? Why can’t we depend on them? Why must things be by faith? Get encouraged and keep standing and acting in the Truth of God’s Word – MIRACLES and RESULTS will happen just like the Bible teaches us.

God Wants You To Have Life Abundantly! (Audio)

We need to hear this: God wants us to have life abundantly! As a matter of fact Jesus said that’s why He came! Get encouraged, faith strengthened and joyful as we consider this great news!

What Are and Why Do Spiritual Blessings Matter? (Audio)

What are spiritual blessings? Why do they matter? Are they applicable to physical man or just some spiritual world in heaven?

Faith Is Now! (Audio Broadcast)

Faith is now. We often get confused that faith is letting something go and not worrying. That is not worrying. We sometimes think that it is asking for something and expecting that it will come to pass. That is hope. While these are good, they are not faith. Faith is always now.

What Is Pride? Pride Vs. Confidence Audio

Misunderstanding what pride actually is has kept many in the Church from reaching out into greatness. It is simple, but lets take a look at what pride is and compare it with healthy confidence. (Part of a message recorded while speaking at God’s Outreach Deliverance International of Creston, IA – Thank you guys for having me speak out there!)

God Believes In You: Now Believe In & Encourage Others (2 of 2)

This is the second message to God’s Outreach Deliverance International Church of Creston, IA. God believes in you, now encourage and believe in others! Also: Understand the difference between confidence and pride. Again, a big, “Thank you!” to this group for inviting me to speak again – it really means a lot and is greatly appreciated.

God Believes In You: Your Gifts Are Your Responsibility (1 of 2)

This message was given at God’s Outreach Deliverance International Church of Creston, IA and it is applicable to the entire Body of Christ. The fact is, God really believes in you. That’s right: He believes inĀ you. Your gifts should not be limited and it is your responsibility to operate in them. A great big, “Thank you!” again to this Church for allowing me to be a part of building them up.