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How Could A Loving God Send People To Hell? (Audio)

Join us Wednesday nights at 6:30pm for Wednesday Night Church! Let’s take a look at the answer to the question, “How Could A Loving God Send People To Hell?” We’ll look at Hell, redemption and associated questions. Thank you Jesus for rescuing us from such a terrible state!

You Need A Rescue: Righteousness Is A Gift

Righteousness. The state of being right: both with God and being as I ought to be. Stop. Wash your mind of the limiting thoughts that this is simply about being bad or good. Doing the right things and the wrong things. That is little kid stuff. Righteousness is so much more than that.

Why was it such a big deal to receive it as a gift? (Romans 3:21-25) Because the world prides itself in being able. What is so wrong with the world trying? Because the world must relinquish this pride and die. A man must die. When man ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he died. He lost his ability to live. Period. We must come to that place.

God doesn’t bring you there to keep you there. Too much religion stops right there. “You’re a sinner.” And thats it. No, that’s not it. God brought you there to save you, but you must first come there. Bypass years of struggle, questions, self-help and vain turmoil by accepting that you need a rescue. Pride will destroy you, but humility in reaching out to the Savior, Jesus, will lift you up.

So, I am righteous now and should never sin again? Wrong. It is so much more than that. When you hear this Truth and you take it to heart, you speak it out “Jesus, I agree. I need you.” It is simple at first, you don’t need a huge understanding up front. You need the simple Truth. But righteousness, enters you and is put to your account. Without your works. You cannot earn it.

Righteousness is the condition man had in the Garden of Eden. You’re back there. Why does it seem like that is not the case? Because the world around you didn’t change, and it happens from inside your spirit outward. It doesn’t happen from your body inward like lots of people want it to. It happens from a place that you cannot feel, see, smell, touch or hear (with your physical ears). It happens in the spirit where you must utilize faith to contact and connect.

Weird, yes. Only at first. Everything you aren’t used to is weird. When you were a baby, it was weird to eat with a fork. When you first started driving, it was weird to drive. It’s okay that it is weird, but it is a better way. Just like (most of the time) it’s better to eat with a fork, or its better to drive a car (such as up a mountain).

Righteousness was  put to your account and it brought you back into a state of being that is right. This happened in your spirit, but your spirit is the very source of your life. As your mind (soul) lines up with this knowledge of the Truth regarding your spirit, you are having faith. As you have faith, you begin to act on that (this is called believing).

For example, you are no longer a lover of evil. You may still feel cravings and strong desires (lusts) towards sexual sin or other bad things – but it is simply a glitch, a fake ghost, lingering for a moment in an unrenewed portion of your mind. As you learn from what God tells you about who you are these glitches are corrected. It is absolutely possible for a drunkard to put faith in Jesus as his Savior and crave alcohol and drunkenness. Until the drunkard hears and believes that he is no longer a drunkard.

Rightousness is a gift that we cannot earn and that we should not try to earn. Righteousness means we are corrected. It means we are how we should be. It means that in your spirit, when you put faith in Jesus, you were made a brand new creation. You became something you were not and that something is perfect. That something does not lack anything in any area. Righteous means that you are not sick, that there is no disease, that there is no lack, that you are not in bondage to anyone or anything and it means that each and every one of your sins are gone completely. It means that the ones you committ during your time of learning who you are are not put to your account either. (Romans 4:8)

This place of righteousness is so much more than being good. It is a totally new way of being. You have become a totally new creation. You don’t lack anything, including goodness. It’s in your spirit first, but as you study the Words of God to you, He tells you about it. You hear it and you believe and this changes your life. This brings that spiritual truth into the physical world.

The Kingdom of God enters the earth, people begin to perceive it and many are called – and many join in. One by one the earth is infiltrated by believers. By people who receive this gift of righteousness. Their joy becomes apparent as they relax and enjoy friendship with the Creator. They come to understand things the world searches for in vanity. They become lights in a dark world. They become preservers of goodness. They become revealers of life.

You are the righteousness of God in Jesus. It is a gift that comes from believing God. A place of hearing, being persuaded of the Truth and acting on God’s Word.

Say it now: Jesus, I believe. You came and bore all my sin and made me righteous. You enabled me to be as I was created to be.

If you said that (aka prayed that prayer) please do contact me or a local Church and let them know you made the decision to make Jesus your Savior. Welcome to the Kingdom of God and a life that is real.

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Understanding Psalm 91: Finally Promoting After 1 Year? Why?

Understanding Psalm 91 by Bryan MaplesAbout a year ago I published my book Understanding Psalm 91: The Secret Place Revealed. I did very little promoting it. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was done with it and wanted a break or what, but it wasn’t in my heart to promote it.

The few people who read it really gave me great compliments, but I just wasn’t really interested. So, I let the book sit on and Kindle and didn’t really do much. I had the sales from Kindle going into a particular account which I never checked. I didn’t know anyone was buying it. Well, some people were. I glanced at that account not to long ago and saw that it was actually selling – sweet! During this time it would come to mind, and my Pastor also would ask about it, when I was going to have a book signing, etc.

Well, I thought about it and I told him that I just didn’t feel like it was complete. I realized in saying that that I probably never would, but still – maybe God was wanting me to hold off? I don’t know exactly. But, I got a copy out a week or so ago and started to read…

My criticism vanished as I read it. Did I really write this? This stuff was great! I was being reminded of Truth! I realized I had not really even looked at this book in over a year. Wow! I flipped through pages and I know that it is something God would want the Church to have.

So I ordered some copies. Then things started rolling and all of a sudden I am preaching on it this Sunday and doing a book signing.

I think it is time now. I don’t know why I waited. I do what’s in my heart for the most part and that is God leading me. But, I think it is time now.

I think this timely teaching is going to take root in the Body of Christ and we are going to be safe, really safe. We are going to delve deeper into the salvation that Jesus has provided us. We are going to begin to interpret scripture more accurately as our minds are cleansed from these sickening thoughts that mute believers. I believe that as the world gets darker, the Church will get brighter. We will be safer. We will be more prosperous. As time draws towards its end and the world plunges into chaos and darkness, the Church will be stability. She will be a Light. She will be Truth. I believe Psalm 91 is a part of this. If you can’t make it out to my book signing tomorrow morning at 10:30 at Grace and Faith Bible Church of West Colorado Springsplease jump on here and order a copy – let me know what you think. Unless it’s bad. Then keep it to yourself haha. Thanks everyone!

Get your copy today and start renewing your mind to this beautiful revelation of safety in Jesus!
Get your copy today and start renewing your mind to this beautiful revelation of safety in Jesus!

Do Sinful Actions and Behaviors Matter Today?

When my daughter starts to pitch a fit, I look her right in her beautiful little eyes, without a bit of disgust for her, and I speak life into her with these words, “You do not throw fits. You are just great and this isn’t who you are.” I tell her who she is and I believe in who she is, regardless of her actions.

I was studying healing and I’ve had this sin idea in the back of my head during the study. I know God was linking sickness and sin somehow and in my study I began to see that both sickness and sinful behaviors are a product of the spiritual death that occurred in mankind at the time Adam committed high treason.

This isn’t so much an article on a nature of sin vs. sinful actions. We are going to talk to those who are actually born again and no longer have a sin nature in their spirit, but who do sometimes commit sinful actions.

What constitutes a “sinful action?” It is whatever violates your conscience. How is it that something is sin to some folks but not to others? Well Paul addresses this in Romans 14:1 and basically we get this idea that “sinful actions” are whatever violates your faith. When you do something that violates your conscience. Some folks are more secure in their faith than others when it comes to something like having a beer, or being around witches… for example. Some folks just can’t be around witches and some people absolutely cannot have a beer. No problem.

Anyway, I don’t want to get too involved in what constitutes a sin because I will say that God has put a lot of value and consideration on the fact that we are new creations. God isn’t worried about us thinking something like raping people isn’t a sin. God isn’t worried about us wondering if swinging as Christians is a sin. “But Bryan, there are Christians who think that is okay!” No. No they don’t.

Paul goes over some universal perversions of nature that all new creations agree on in their spirit. Homosexuality is a hot topic at the moment. I don’t believe for a moment any new creation really believes it is okay. Am I saying they don’t have those desires? No. Am I saying they aren’t trying to convince themselves? No. But I am saying it is a violation of their conscience.

I’ve violated my conscience numerous times. However, each time it wasn’t right. No, you aren’t hearing me there yet. Listen, I’m not talking about “right and wrong.” I’m saying it wasn’t right. It wasn’t who I am. It is an alien environment for a new creation. It’s like trying to live on the moon.

There is still no condemnation, and God doesn’t pull your sins back up from their grave in hell. I’m just saying it’s not how you are and you won’t be able to live out the Kingdom of God while you’re in sin.

It’s not that God is punishing your sins or that there must be consequences, I really don’t believe God sees them, but it isn’t right, it isn’t as it should be and it keeps you from receiving life to the fullest.

It is a little difficult to properly address the subject because religion has polluted so many things. Making people feel bad for going to a Journey concert or having a couple of beers with some friends. We must discern between what is religious and what is a really not who we are. The Word of God, as always, is the answer.

Have you ever read through those sins Paul lists in Galatians or in other letters about liars, homosexuals, fornicators, murderers and such. That’s a list of things that we are not. It is wrong to interpret that as a list of commandments. It’s not. It is a list of what we are not and if we are performing those actions, we ought to stop. We aren’t murderers, liars, fornicators, homosexuals and so forth. That you can be sure of.

Don’t worry you fun seekers, there are many fun things to do aside from being homosexuals, sex-a-holics, and liars.

So anyway, I hope you get what I am saying that its not a “do this or get a God sized spanking” but instead it is God telling you who you are. You will have a much fuller, better life by acting out who you are – not who you aren’t. Oh, by the way, that includes healing. Who you are is not sick, who you are is well. I know, it’s a crazy great faith life.

When my daughter starts to pitch a fit, I look her right in her beautiful little eyes, without a bit of disgust for her, and I speak life into her with these words, “You do not throw fits. You are just great and this isn’t who you are.” I tell her who she is and I believe in who she is, regardless of her actions.

That’s what our Father is doing for us and I hope now we can hear Him not in condemnation, but in life “You are the righteousness of God in Christ.”

Have You Made A Big Mistake?

PAINFUL to the religious, and freeing to mistake makers: When you were straight up evil, dead, and hopeless (a very child of evil), God, was wealthy in kindness, and because of His great love with which He LOVED us… He made us alive together in Jesus, and made us sit in the place of highest honor in Jesus. This is while you were completely separated from him (before you put faith in Jesus, you were not alive to God but dead). (Reference Ephesians 2:3-4) What does this mean for a believer who makes a mistake? It means God’s kindness will never leave you, and you could never be more evil than before you were His… but that’s when He loved you and showed you great kindness. Do not be afraid of God, and know that He isn’t angry.

He believes in you, that you are more than your mistakes. He knows you, better than you know yourself. You are a new creation, even if you have acted like an old, evil person you used to be. Actions do not define you. Christ defines you in His Words about you. God doesn’t call you righteous because of your acts, He calls you righteous because Jesus’ works are imputed to you.

You can live every blessing of a good man, and better, a righteous man. The establishment of the life in Jesus has made us free from the establishment of sin and death. (Reference Romans 8:2)

There is rich kindness, and love to you. You can rejoice, yes, even if you don’t feel like it – you can shout for joy! Because God has forgiven you forever. Your sins could never reappear. The fear of “something happening” and sin returning has been made eternally impossible. 

Remember, it isn’t who you are. Remember, God is kind to you. You can accept both, and if you’ve made a mistake – you don’t need to make penance. You don’t need to make payment. You just need to walk out of it, telling yourself that it’s not who you are. All your punishments were laid upon Jesus.

Thank God for Jesus…. Thank You Jesus… Thank You Father… Without you, I was hopeless and dead. With you… I am a beloved child of God who lives now and forever.

How Am I Not A Sinner When I Like Sin?

There is this principle in the Word of God I use a lot when speaking on healing. I constantly encourage people to believe God’s Word over what they are feeling. I push and repeat that God’s Word is reality… this physical world is an option of reality but Jesus wants us separate from the world. Jesus declared clearly in John 17:17 that God’s Word is Truth. Truth is what is real, or actual…. Truth is reality.

I push this hard because it is our way of walking in health and life. Many think miracles happen and then people could get up… No, people believe God, then they push themselves up and a miracle has happened. The physical senses of man do not lead Him to God’s Kingdom. “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God” as we find in 1 Corinthians 15:50. Healing provided for men does not come through our senses it comes through our faith. Uncomfortable, yes, I know, but it’s how we are made and it will become not only comfortable but great!

So anyway, it is the same thing with righteousness.

How many times have you done something rotten and felt like garbage? I mean you just sit there, usually after a big spiritual time, or maybe you raised a person from the dead or commanded a demon out, and you were floating on the clouds and then some earthly lust comes and you just cave to it. You do that …thing… whatever it is. Ugh, for the… I don’t even know how many times. You DESPISE it though.

How come you keep freaking sinning?

You’ve got to operate on the same principle I zoomed through above. God declares you righteous. 1 Corinthians 5:21 makes this declaration, “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” (Also consider Romans 4:22-24)

So you see it plainly written that you are made righteous. God’s Word is Truth. It is reality. You can simply act on and step into God’s reality. This physical world’s reality does not change God’s reality. God accomplished these things by Jesus that must be accepted or… entered into… by faith. Just like someone who is manifesting symptoms of some serious disease – those symptoms do not make them sick, their belief regarding them does.

What I’m trying to say is, just like a person in a wheel chair can sit through a sermon of someone preaching 1 Peter 2:24 that “…by Jesus stripes you were healed…”, so also can someone sin who is actually righteous. Your actions do not determine your righteous condition anymore than sickness determines your health. We don’t have power over the Word of God! The world doesn’t have power over the Word of God! We can yield ourselves to either one.

Simply put: The Bible is True over any other communication, including the communications our senses provide.

So, who the heck would want to stay sick when we can stay well? Another question, who the heck would want to stay trapped in sin when we’ve been made righteous? In the title I said “…like to sin…” and that is another lie you’re believing. When you put faith in Jesus you were born again and your sin nature was removed – you actually don’t “like” to sin. It’s not who you are. We can now stop being deceived and ACT on our righteousness.

Jesus accomplished. He didn’t leave anything undone… we are the ones with things undone, and we are the ones that are supposed to ACT on what Jesus has provided. We are the ones to step into the Kingdom.

No, your sin didn’t change anything with God. No, your sin isn’t even your reality…you slipped back into the world’s thinking… you weren’t convinced (faith) that you have been made righteous. You let what you did convince you… but the way to repentance is letting God’s Word convince you.

By Bryan Maples

Understanding Psalm 91 Book Is Available For Purchase!

This book of encouragement is now available. I believe that it is something every Christian should know and consider. I believe this book will be encouraging to anyone as we consider what our Savior has done. I believe it would provoke even an unbeliever to Jesus.

I don’t need to talk about the things going on in the world, you see it all the time. If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I remain safe?” or maybe even given up thinking you can be – I believe you’ll be pointed to your answer in this book. Any Christian of any level will benefit in considering the wonderful provision of Christ as this Psalm 91 begins to be unpacked and expanded throughout the entire New Testament. Protection you can stand on. It’s God’s Word, not mine… How relaxing that is for the this author of “Understanding Psalm 91: The Secret Place Revealed”. I presume there will be another volume…

We examine the entire Psalm, but there is heavy consideration placed on “the secret place.”

Enjoy! And be blessed… be encouraged. We are all perfectly safe in the beautiful care of our Father.

Get Psalm 91 Now And Be Encouraged!

The Chiefest Sinner Made The Greatest Apostle: Forgive Yourself

He was a motivated man. He was climbing the corporate ladder quickly. The bosses were loving him, it was like he always had favor. He walked into work every day, usually 20 minutes early, sometimes earlier with that bounce in his step. “Hey Saul!” “Hey Saul!! What’s up man!?” “Saul, I saw the policy you wrote – OUTSTANDING, I didn’t have to correct one thing!” Yep, Saul had it going on. He was making good money, he was good at what he was doing, and he had purpose.

Not only that, but Saul got what he asked for. The bossmen saw Saul’s value. They were good bosses and listened to him. Saul was a “get it done” kind of guy, and highly… highly motivated! Accomplishments were through the roof.

So when Saul took on one of the biggest problems the people had faced – the bosses were glad. Saul will get this stuff done. “Hey, put a whole team under Saul.” And he was promoted again. They knew this thing had to be dealt with or it could destroy even the whole nation! Saul was on it. Like a boss on the construction site, or a General in the field, he was standing, with his arms crossed and observing his men. He was guiding them, instructing them, and perfecting them in their duties.

One by one, then two by two, then whole families at a time were violently dragged out of their home. Saul was putting the hammer down… hard. “These Christians will not exist in Israel” he said. Saul doesn’t mess around, he gets things done. To prison with some of them, and those who would openly defy the Jewish customs – he was authorized to use lethal force, and he did. “That a boy Saul!” Pats on the back, as well as some restful assurance for the bosses, because Saul gets things done.

Saul grabbed this bull by the horns. As they were beating these believers in Jesus, he got information out of them. Damascus… He had to go to Damascus, there was a root there. He went straight to the Chief Priest and got letters of authority to go destroy this “Christian movement” in Damascus. He was approved of course, and en route. Step aside guys, Saul is coming to handle business.

On his way, considering his plan, perfecting and streamlining it, he had his mind locked on the goal. He was studying the task at hand, and recalled a young man whom he had just had killed. The dedication of that young man was impressive. Saul liked a challenge, and would stop at nothing. “That young fellow, they called him Stephen I believe, it was sad that he was so caught up in that mess, but we cannot allow him to pollute Israel” Saul thought to himself. Saul thought for a moment how his face looked like that as of an angel. It angered Saul that this kid prayed to God to forgive them. “FORGIVE US FOR WHAT!?”

Suddenly Saul was knocked from his horse by a blinding light. The men around Saul were knocked to the ground as well and they could see nothing, save only a very bright light and they could hear a voice. Saul looked straight into the face of Jesus, glorious, resurrected God as he heard the words, “Saul, Saul why do you persecute me?” Absolutely overwhelmed he reverted to the most basic thing he knew to do and that was answer, “Who are you, Lord?” And Saul was changed into Paul at the depth of his being as he heard, “I am Jesus…”

Paul was changed forever by a meeting. A man who was hell bent on destroying this Christian movement, had a realization, that Jesus was indeed the Son of God and the Savior. His bosses could hardly believe when Paul lost touch and no longer worked for them. Paul went into immediate study to understand… Paul was a motivated man. Paul was a gifted man. Paul had believed he was living the best life possible, but in light of the presence of Jesus, he discovered he was living the worst life possible.

Paul realized that he had done terrible and irreversible works against the one who loved us and died for us. However, there was forgiveness… and Paul preached the most perfect messages of Grace. Paul was now alive… Paul now had purpose…

For you… God can take the chiefest of sinners and make them alive.

Some of us get so caught up in our failings, when what we really need to do is get caught up in the life of Jesus. Staring at your sin will never change you, staring at Jesus will. Can you hear God? “Forgive yourself, and look at me. If you fail 70 times 7 times in a day, forgive yourself, and look at me.”

Are Morals Necessary In Modern Grace Church? Does “Wrong” Still Exist?

People want to know why corruption is in the world. “Why is everything so bad?” “Why is this happening?” “Why is America falling apart?” “Why… Why… Why…?”

Well, thank God, back in the 1st Century around 65 A.D. the Holy Spirit spoke through Peter and revealed it to us. Some of us may not be ready for this… But… here it goes: Corruption is in the world through lust. Lust… an “overmastering desire or craving.” Now that is a good definition. Overmastering desire or craving…

There is an error in the world: the knowledge of good AND EVIL. It’s fairly obvious through Adam and Eve obtaining the knowledge of good and evil that they didn’t have that knowledge prior to their sin. However, now man KNOWS EVIL. There is with this knowledge a DESIRE that exists in the world – this knowledge of evil carried with it its own desire. It’s own enticement. This desire for evil is lust.

Corruption (Decay; inferior life) is in the world through this desire for evil. 2Peter1:4 MEV “…corruption that is in the world through lust.” People get so angry sometimes when someone encourages them to be morally sound. “I’M SAVED BY GRACE AND DON’T LIVE UNDER THE LAW!!!” Well… DUH. But the Holy Spirit is telling you right here in 2Peter1:4 that this corruption… this decay… that is causing so much problem is brought in by lust and the Holy Spirit immediately goes on to say in verse 5 “FOR THIS REASON…” BECAUSE corruption has entered into the world through lust – “…MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ADD VIRTUE TO YOUR FAITH…” Virtue here can be stated simply as “moral excellence” but it is more than that… It comes from a word that means “male.” It is a rising up. It is effectiveness. It is force… Add to your faith morality and effectiveness. Add to your faith… leadership. YOU LEAD. Not evil desires. YOU LEAD.

It’s great to be saved by Grace. All my sins are forgiven and God will not impute my sins to me. When I go do something wrong, my sin is already paid. However, God’s desire for us is to GROW UP. To move past these things… TO LEAD.

Why would we continue to serve something that killed us, that created death in mankind, and that created decay in the earth? Why would we humble ourselves to these things in order to receive a return favor from lust itself… a good feeling. While it produces decay in life and those around me. WHY WOULD GOD’S LEADERS ALLOW TO CONTINUE THAT WHICH DESTROYS FOR A MOMENT OF GOOD FEELING?

Well I will tell you why. Forgetfulness.

2Peter1:9 MEV “But the one who lacks these things is blind and shortsighted because he has forgotten that he was cleansed from his former sins.” (Emphasis mine)

The Holy Spirit encourages us to add to our faith VIRTUE. Corruption exists because of lust so do not befriend it – forsake it. It is not of God.

This is not how we have a relationship with God, this is what a relationship with God produces. This isn’t what makes us right with God – only faith in Jesus makes us right with God and to those who cannot receive this I tell you by wisdom:

Get out of the way. Shut your mouths and enjoy the free gift of Jesus, but do not lead. Jesus does not lead people into decay, but into life. Therefore, God does not lead men into sin, but into power over strong desire.

You LEAD, you do not serve lust. You LEAD, you do not serve the things that brought corruption into this world. This is who you are in Jesus. Don’t get down on yourself, simply change your thinking, and determine you’re the leader. See yourself as the leader.

How do Christians stop sin?