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The Words of God Erase Sickness and Poverty

Go to the Word, and feed upon the promises (good words), or blessings (good words), that are written concerning whatever it is you want the Word (Jesus) to affect. Mutter them to yourself (meditate), turn them over and over in your mind and with your mouth. You will find that God’s Word is a reality (Truth) that becomes your physical reality as well. Sound mystical?

It’s not. It’s how spiritual truth (reality) becomes physical reality. It’s that simple. That if a believer has the liar (Satan or demons or the world) telling them they are sick, they need simply go to Isaiah 53:4 and see that it is for sure, Jesus has lifted up and crucified our sickness and dragged away, hauled off our pain, sorrow, toil and stress. That’s wonderful news! Now convince yourself of it.

Jesus also took away all of the infirmities, weaknesses of our financial situation. Jesus was rich, but for our sake, He became poor so that we could be rich (not remain poor). (2 Corinthians 8:9)

Did Jesus use a doctor to heal the sick? No. He used His Words and Faith. Did Jesus use money to purchase things? Yes, He paid not only His, but Peter’s taxes as well. Paul used money to pay for himself and those with him. Paul, by New Covenant revelation of the Spirit told us to earn money and become “wealthy” (see 1 Thess. 4:11-12).

Spending time in the Word is spending time with Jesus (THE Word made flesh). As we spend time with Jesus, in the Word, we are transformed into His image. We must see Him properly, and that is only done by His Spirit and His Word, together, beholding our Savior.

The Church has had too many misunderstandings of the Father and His Word in the last century. We must allow Him revelation in our hearts that bears witness with His Word, Jesus. I hope you’re encouraged today that the only thing you need, is to convince, to persuade yourself of God’s Word and that is done by hearing and hearing and hearing and you can do that yourself by speaking and speaking and speaking to yourself.

Put Fear Down & Faith Up – Hard, Real Words About Believing God

We hear about fearful things all the time in this world. Something bad is always going on somewhere. It’s no secret that a Kingdom of Darkness is at work in the earth. It’s obvious that it doesn’t care if the person is good or bad. We often see very good people suffering with life-stealing diseases, cancers and other symptoms of death. Many folks are forced down the path of least resistance when forced to reconcile the goodness of the person and the evilness of circumstances. That path of least resistance is, “It must be God’s will” or “It must be something everyone must face” or “It’s just that we live in a fallen world.” This list of similar things could go on and on, but at their root they are submissive to circumstances. They bow their knee to how things are. They believe in helplessness and finally, they create a religious god that is unable or uninterested in acting.

Well that sure isn’t the God of the Bible.

I find in the Bible a God who encourages resistance of evil (bad) through faith in His Words. The God of the Bible has spoken words that He shows every implication, including outright declaration, that He expects us to believe it. Believe it? Act on it. Acting on God’s promises is believing it.

What did Jesus say to those He healed? Get up! Pick up your bed! Stretch out your hand! Go your way! ACTION.

If we looked into the psyche of many men, we would find that there is a lingering fear of depending on something. Many folks are afraid to depend on sales to stay high, work to stay steady, the economy to stay steady, family to stay healthy, and … afraid that God didn’t mean what He said. Or maybe just afraid that we aren’t understanding it.

God has made His Word clear. Reject fear. I know you feel it, but we don’t go by feelings! Remember? We don’t go by feelings. Feeling fear is not fearing. It’s a temptation to fear. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Act on faith! Refuse doubt. God’s Word says it, so it is. Act rich, because by Jesus poverty you were made rich. Act well, because by Jesus stripes you were healed. Act free, because you were delivered from the kingdom of darkness. Act righteous, because all of your sins are gone.

But am I pretending? If you are acting on a promise of God – no you are not pretending. Pretending is simply using the imagination to lie to yourself. Believing God is using the Word to counter lies – see, the Word of God is Truth (Jn17:17). The missing ingredient in denial and pretending is – God’s Word. God’s Word changes everything. God’s Word is Jesus on the scene. God’s Word is Jesus manifest in the flesh. God’s Word is God Himself. If you need God to appear – put His Word in your mind and mouth.

It’s working. It’s reality. It’s Truth.

The Bible doesn’t hide the fact that you will experience things contrary to circumstances and the reality of those around you. It says in Psalm 91 that a thousand will fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand. That’s pretty serious if you think about it. What millions are experiencing in the earth is different than what we, as believers (those who believe/act), experience. Cut that, “It’s not fair” crap out – everyone is welcome to believe God. Everyone can believe God to be rich, healthy, free and right. It’s no man’s responsibility or call to pick up another man’s decision. It’s actually not even loving them. You see, God is love, and He respects mans right to choose hell. Love respects decision.

So back to it, will you believe God? Thousands are going to experience evil around you. You’re even going to see it Psalm 91 says. It says you will see it with your very own eyes. That doesn’t mean you need to participate! That verse says “It will not come near you.” That’s bold. But tell yourself that… “It will not come near me.”

“Now Bryan, what’s the difference between that and just saying bad things won’t happen to me? I’ve had people say things would never happen to them and they did!” The difference is – THE WORD OF GOD. We aren’t just picking random things out of the air and believing them. We are standing on the promises of the very God who created everything. HE is the one who said that these evils won’t happen to you. So now, you can say with Him, “It will not come near me.” “Cancer will not come near me.” “Poverty will not come near me.” “Blindness will not come near me.” That is depending on the Word of God.

It’s a sad thing that many Christians find that radical. It’s disgusting the amount of dilution “Christianity” has sustained from the world. When did God tell us to go to the world for help? Just answer that question. …Exactly. We are coming out of a time when it was okay for Christians to be full of doubt in God’s Word and full of confidence in man’s ability. Disgusting. That sounds more like the type of lukewarm Christian God would want to spew out of His mouth. Not one who has a beer from time to time.

God didn’t create us to be part of the world’s system. He made us separate from it, protects us from it, and wants us to rule over it – delivering all of those who would come out.

We just don’t have a lot of time to tip-toe around the subject of faith anymore. Either you believe God or you don’t – just choose one. God’s not afraid to answer us and enforce His Word. It’s a better way. It’s high time to get passed everyone asking why God doesn’t heal today and start teaching people how to get up and walk. Are you with me? Seriously, it’s crazy to believe God. Let’s do it!

I invite you to Arise Church in Colorado Springs on Sunday’s at 5pm if you feel you need to be around an encouraging, faith building bunch. We believe God! We do things we cannot do! We prosper! We are delivered from darkness! All by Jesus!

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“Faith is not simply letting something go. Faith is not even letting something go with a positive expectation of the result. That is hope. Faith is believing something is, right now, whether it seems like it or not. Faith is a mindset that locks onto a Truth of God’s Word, acts on it, and will never compromise it. Faith is possible because God’s Word tells us of a different reality we can believe in (act on). A reality that is not ruled by Satan, but instead is ruled by the goodness of God. Faith in things other than God’s Word is not Biblical faith. Biblical faith is that acceptance of God’s reality.”

Encouragement To Believe We’re Delivered From Darkness

I know it is so contrary to what we “know.” It is so absurd. It is so extreme. It is so… Different than what… Life experience teaches. Unless you know the Truth… Unless you know Jesus. It is so ridiculously different. That we are delivered from the ability of darkness. (Colossians 1:13)

See we are taught so often that we are still under the power of darkness. That as long as we are in this world we must suffer the results of darkness. What they do is they take parts of scripture that is easy to believe, like Jesus’ Word: “In this world you will have trouble…” (John 16:33) And take them and literally use them to defeat the power and boldness of God’s Word. You can’t tell me it isn’t done this way out of fear! People are afraid God’s Word will fail so they take a verse like that and use no world overcoming faith. God’s Word does not fail! Ever! World overcoming faith? Yes, the same John who recorded that says in 1 John 5:4 that whoever is born of God …overcomes the world… And he goes on to answer the question, “What is it that overcomes the world? Even our faith.”

Jesus said there in John 16:33 that in the world you’re going to have trouble or pressure. Jesus said this to His disciples before He was crucified and He even told them it was to give them peace. This wasn’t Jesus’ last words to His disciples! It was His last Words before He was crucified! Go read how Jesus spoke after He was risen! He rose as conqueror and so did we! The pressure we receive or “trouble” is to doubt God’s Word! We’re always tempted in this earth to doubt God’s Word!

So both of these verses (John 16:33; 1 John 5:4) talk about overcoming the world in Christ by faith. Faith means persuasion. What are you persuaded of? Are we persuading ourselves of God’s Word? “Persuasion! Bryan you’re out of your mind.” Oh stop it, you and everyone else is persuaded of something. Persuasion is not bad unless it is being persuaded of the wrong thing. “How do you know your truth is more right than my truth?” Because I know Truth Himself! Jesus! The risen Savior! You know it too, you can sense it in your heart. Oh that you wouldn’t be afraid to believe. Dare to believe!

Colossians 1:13 tells us that we are rescued from the ability and power of darkness. All that is evil, all that hides Truth, all that is bad, all that is death, all that is born of sin and Satan has lost it’s ability over us. We must simply know this, and continue in it… And it WILL ABSOLUTELY make us free! Free from the lies! Free from death! Free from “WAIT! STOP! DID YOU JUST SAY FREE FROM DEATH?” Yes! FREE FROM DEATH! “So you believe that people don’t have to die?” I believe that Christians still leave their body but it is not the death that the world knows! It is a transition into the heavenly realms to enjoy the splendor of the Father until Jesus returns to end this reign of darkness! It is not the result of disease! It is nothing like death, but when I say “Free from death” know that I mean free from all of the results of death as well as death itself! Sin, sickness, lack, confusion, weakness, depression and such – FREE FROM ALL OF THESE!

How bold is the Word of our Father! How great and precious! Take it! Continue in it and you will know it! Know it and it will make you free!

Colossians 1:13 “Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness…”

It Is Established: Our Sicknesses He Did Take

It is sure, established, that our sicknesses He has taken. Can you see Him passing by now? Maybe on the road to His crucifixion as He carried the cross. The crowd was so busy jeering and cursing and yelling and spitting that they didn’t quite notice. They saw this man already covered in blood, whose back was in ribbons and who was bruised and swollen all over.

Let their screaming fade into the background, look now at the Master’s legs. His feet pressed into the ground, sideways so as to not slip, as if going up a mountain and carrying a heavy burden. Was it that cross that was so heavy? He has been a builder for many years and He was indeed strong, but maybe the blood loss? Look closer, and you can see as He passes through the crowd of people, He collects each and every one of their diseases. Piled upon Him they are heaped and it is like He is pushing through, forcing through a thick brush. Ah, by His stripes we are healed. The stripes are upon His back and as He goes He collects mankind’s diseases. They look like bruises and wounds to us but we must see with our spiritual eyes. Isaiah 53:4 begins, “Surely our sicknesses He hath borne…” in Young’s Literal Translation. Surely, the word in Hebrew is a compound word meaning “Therefore it is established, it is sure, it is true…” Therefore? Therefore what? What was the information that led to this conclusion. It is but one verse above in which the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus was, “…a man of pains and acquainted with sickness…” Ah, my Lord, you bore them all.

We can see it now. We can see our pains and our sicknesses upon the Master, upon the beloved Son of God. We can see the pains of mankind laid upon Him, not His own pains, these are not His own pains. This was not His to suffer. This was for mankind. This was our buying out. This was God purchasing mankind from all death.

How do we receive it? We must see it. Look upon the Savior, stay your mind here. Stay your mind and watch, watch as He surely, truly takes up your sickness. As He passes you in the crowd, He took up your sicknesses. You must know this. You must see it. Listen, it is not an imagination – it is what happened. You were not present physically, but you were present. God redeemed you outside of time. There were events in the world happening but more importantly there were events outside of time happening and Jesus took our sicknesses. You see, Jesus said in Mark 4:24 to “Take heed what you hear…” because whatever measure you use – it will be measured back to you. “Take heed” there literally means in the Greek to “see with your eyes.” The eyes of your imagination allow you to see with your mind and with your heart. Behold, behold the Savior carrying your sicknesses. Squint at first if you need to, but look. Look! He has pulled your sickness off of you and He took it all the way with Him into hell. Look! See it! How do we receive? This is how. But a scarce few could behold this scene and remain sick. Look! Watch as the Savior carries your sickness. I will forever watch as He did carry mine.

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Understanding Psalm 91: Finally Promoting After 1 Year? Why?

Understanding Psalm 91 by Bryan MaplesAbout a year ago I published my book Understanding Psalm 91: The Secret Place Revealed. I did very little promoting it. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was done with it and wanted a break or what, but it wasn’t in my heart to promote it.

The few people who read it really gave me great compliments, but I just wasn’t really interested. So, I let the book sit on and Kindle and didn’t really do much. I had the sales from Kindle going into a particular account which I never checked. I didn’t know anyone was buying it. Well, some people were. I glanced at that account not to long ago and saw that it was actually selling – sweet! During this time it would come to mind, and my Pastor also would ask about it, when I was going to have a book signing, etc.

Well, I thought about it and I told him that I just didn’t feel like it was complete. I realized in saying that that I probably never would, but still – maybe God was wanting me to hold off? I don’t know exactly. But, I got a copy out a week or so ago and started to read…

My criticism vanished as I read it. Did I really write this? This stuff was great! I was being reminded of Truth! I realized I had not really even looked at this book in over a year. Wow! I flipped through pages and I know that it is something God would want the Church to have.

So I ordered some copies. Then things started rolling and all of a sudden I am preaching on it this Sunday and doing a book signing.

I think it is time now. I don’t know why I waited. I do what’s in my heart for the most part and that is God leading me. But, I think it is time now.

I think this timely teaching is going to take root in the Body of Christ and we are going to be safe, really safe. We are going to delve deeper into the salvation that Jesus has provided us. We are going to begin to interpret scripture more accurately as our minds are cleansed from these sickening thoughts that mute believers. I believe that as the world gets darker, the Church will get brighter. We will be safer. We will be more prosperous. As time draws towards its end and the world plunges into chaos and darkness, the Church will be stability. She will be a Light. She will be Truth. I believe Psalm 91 is a part of this. If you can’t make it out to my book signing tomorrow morning at 10:30 at Grace and Faith Bible Church of West Colorado Springsplease jump on here and order a copy – let me know what you think. Unless it’s bad. Then keep it to yourself haha. Thanks everyone!

Get your copy today and start renewing your mind to this beautiful revelation of safety in Jesus!
Get your copy today and start renewing your mind to this beautiful revelation of safety in Jesus!

Do You Ever Fear You’re Misunderstanding God’s Promises?

Inside many of us is this fear… This fear that we are misunderstanding. This phobia that great promises will fail. This fear of changing our foundation… our security… from what we “know.” You see we know how to use our senses to experience the world – that’s what they’re there for. Long ago, men who were born (that pretty much includes all of us…) lost a sense. A way of knowing and understanding things. The sense we lost was faith in the spiritual. We kept faith, we have faith in our senses. We believe what we see. We lost faith in the spiritual Words of God. Originally man depended on God’s Words. However, in the Garden called Eden, the Words of God were called into question by Satan, and man doubted… resulting in sin (acting on something contrary to God’s Word)… and death entered by sin. It was lights out. Lights went out in our spiritual faith.

There were some here and there throughout the ages who still mustered up some spiritual faith and used it. We hear about them as the great prophets of God. The nation of Israel’s leaders and fathers were one group who did this. Other cultures and peoples have tried, and some have picked up on some things! Jesus is the full revelation of spiritual Truth. Jesus came as a man… physical, because man was separated from God spiritually, so God showed up in the physical world. And by His sacrifice and victory – He brought us back to life spiritually. God did not intend for us to only know Him physically – He came physically to make us alive spiritually.

God rejoices that He has given us His Word. He is so excited that, as Ephesians 1:3 says, He has blessed us with all spiritual blessings (spoken words). God has spoken everything good over us spiritually.

20141213_134147We have this fear which we learned though. We grew up in a world of… let downs. As my beautiful baby daughter displays here. Many of us are terrified of what she has just experienced. You see, she excitedly discovered a new friend beside her. She recognized the form of a person, and her eyes lit up and that beautiful smile flashed like lightening across her face… and she began to make her excited baby noises and …talk… She stared at this form, and she talked and talked and reached for it and played… I could see by the light in her face that she was greatly enjoying her new friend!

20141213_134723However… As I watched I teared up because, that wasn’t a friend… That wasn’t a person. That was a rag on a post of her swing. She was so joyful and … she was really excited to have a new friend, whom she welcomed wonderfully… but, it wasn’t the truth. It was a phony. Here we find our terror… We fear that we have made friends with something or someone that… is an illusion. Or maybe we fear that His Word’s are an illusion… Perhaps when God said, “by Jesus stripes you were healed…” He didn’t quite mean it like that. Perhaps, we are misunderstanding God. What if I throw away my medicine and I stand up and walk and.. die..? What if I’ve been duped.

That is doubt my friends, and the great news is we can reject doubt.

You see, I asked the Father about this situation. I said something like, “Lord – how do we answer such a thing? This fear that we’re missing something? That we don’t have the whole Truth?”

God said, “What is Truth?” I know that Truth is the Word of God as Jesus said in John 17:17. God said, “In your situation you just experienced, what was true?” “Lord, that my daughter had believed an illusion…?” God asked me, “What about you, were you there?” …Yes… And it occurred to me….

20141213_135103Our Father is there, just like Autumn’s father was there. I am Autumn’s father and I was not an illusion. God backs His Word. We aren’t trusting in an experience. God is our source of Truth and He cannot fail. God will never leave us.. yes… but He will never forsake us either. You see, sadly, many trust in experiential knowledge as the source. I have no problem with experiential knowledge – but it is not the leader. God didn’t leave us to experiential knowledge – He gave us His Word! We get so upset sometimes that our blessings are in the form of spiritual words FIRST – but that is actually the guarantee that we are not trusting an illusion.

He has given us Truth – His Word. What is Truth? Well we know it’s the Word but the actual definition of the Greek word is “no hidden thing.” You see the word is “alethes” and it’s a compound word. “A” in Greek is an absolute negative. “Lethes” is something hidden. Absolutely no hidden thing is what truth means.

God’s Word is Truth according to Jesus in John 17:17… so that means God’s Word is absolutely no hidden thing. God’s Word is the revealing of things. God’s Word reveals things which means things were hidden… A lie is not some created world, it is a world that is blinded… a lie is the covering of Truth.

God has revealed the Truth to us. God has removed the things that hide Truth. God says we are healed – that’s something lots of sick folks don’t know, but they can learn! They can step into God’s reality. They can find out what is actual and… act on it!

We have no need to fear believing an illusion. God has said in Ephesians 1:3 that He has spoken every good thing over us in the spiritual world (God is a spirit). God says in 2 Peter 1:3 that He has given us all things that are to life and godliness through the knowledge (revealing) of Him. 1 Corinthians 3:21 tells us that all things are ours.

If God spoke it – it is not a lie. It’s not a covered thing. The secrets have been revealed. I wrote a book on the “Secret Place of the Most High” which you can get. I am pretty sure I talk about how the mysteries of old are now revealed. The time of Truth is here and thank God that He has forgiven all of our sins and healed all of our diseases! He has redeemed our lives from destruction and crowned us with loving kindness and tender mercies! He satisfies our mouths with good and renews our youth like the eagles! (Psalm 103:3-5)

A Better Understanding of Patience & Faith

James 1:4 says that patience makes us complete and whole (in health and obtaining the full inheritance). A proper understanding of patience is essential. A wrong understanding of patience has caused many in the Body of Christ to not receive their healing, prosperity and other benefits of forgiveness from God.

We Remain In God’s Shadow: Psalm 91

From The Book:

Understanding Psalm 91: The Secret Place Revealed

Psalm 91:1 MEV “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

The Shadow in Psalm 91

We have already mentioned that because God is light, His shadow is a casting of light upon us. Keep that in mind as we relate it to physical shadows and what they probably meant to Ancient Hebrew people.

When you are in a tree’s shade, you’re in its shadow. When you’re in a tree’s shadow, you are enjoying the shade of that tree. A shadow was a very welcome relief from the sun! Shade meant rest, recovery, recuperation, refreshment, and protection from the elements.

Ancient Hebrew shepherds, as well as modern day Syrian and Palestinian shepherds, lead their sheep to shade around noon. Sheep get tired and wearied in the hot sun and lay down in shadows during the hottest parts of the day.

How does that translate to us? During the darkest times in the world we can rest in God’s glorious light which was provided by Jesus! When the world’s darkness is trying to tempt you to be a part of it just rest and relax in Jesus’ protection. Remember it, consider it, think on it, and make it yours. I’m not talking about temptation to do sinful actions right now—I am talking about believing you’re subject to sickness or poverty. Bad things can seem quite convincing until your mind is renewed but you will realize it! Keep pressing in – God never disappoints. Cast out thoughts contrary to the truth and replace them with God’s thoughts. He reveals His intentions of protection in Psalm 91. They will stick! Stick with it!

Picture yourself standing as a small dot, with the Almighty God and all of His strength towering over you – for you, and higher than the heavens! We can know that this strong, fear-invoking God has given you His Heart. He has made the ultimate gesture and communication of His love for us by giving us His Son, Jesus. God gave us His Heart, and it can also be said that He gave us what is most dear to His heart. We can relax in God’s shadow. We can rest in God’s shade.

In the Sinai Desert men and animals do not flee from shade because it is a terrible thing, but instead they go to it and enjoy its comfort. Entering the shadow of God is as easy as thinking it. Just persuade yourself you’re there and you are in there. Say it, “I am in the shadow of Almighty God. I am safe, and I am protected.” What is the difference between this and this new “positive thinking” stuff we sometimes hear about? Because our focus is on the Word of God – Jesus! That makes ALL the difference.

We can rest in the Almighty, through Jesus, just like we can rest in the shade on a hot day – a retreat from the environment.

Psalm 91 Hebrew Word Shadow

Hebrew Word For Shadow and ImageThe word for “shadow” in Hebrew is posted on the right (top two) which shares the same idea as the word on the right (bottom two) which is the word translated in Genesis 1:24 as “image.” Remember how we were created in the image of God? Same word! We were literally created in God’s image of light (remember, God’s shadow is light)! Man was created in the Garden and because of sin, man was cast out. Jesus cast out sin and now we dwell in Jesus. Because of Jesus we are back in the image of God! Wow! There’s another thing that we ought to come back and ponder!

Who is the image of God? Hebrews 1:3 says that Jesus is the exact (express) image of God. If we are in Jesus, that puts us in the image and shadow of God. If we are in Jesus, that puts us in the shadow like light which radiates from the Father. If we are in Jesus we have a lot more than we have realized. If we are in Jesus then we rest in the presence, provision and protection of God. “Amen!”

Enjoy the word picture God has painted of us in Jesus. Allow the Word of God to open you up to more understanding of the glorious place we are in, in Christ.

For more exploration of Psalm 91 I do recommend my book “Understanding Psalm 91.”

The Secret Place Revealed is also available on Kindle here!

By Bryan Maples