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Business is dirty.

I just want to encourage you and myself. I love it when God just comes in with just the right Words.

In business, even though we are all perfect believers, it’s dirty. I know there is the idea of the people who do things perfectly, but I’ve begun reading their biographies… and sorry but not sorry – those people are blown out of the water. I haven’t found anyone who has done BIG prosperity perfectly. (POLITICAL INSERT: It’s like people who fault the great country of America for it’s many faults.) It correlates very well with Proverbs 14:4

Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox.

If you’re getting stuff done for God’s Kingdom, rest assured you are very blessed and you have the mind or Christ, which is the best business mind to ever exist – and you can also be sure that your “git er done” is going to poop in the office.

These beasts of great strength and ability, without which it’d be nearly impossible to get as much plowing and production done, will also excrete “nasties.” So will you. We’ve all blown up the office bathroom (figuratively speaking of course). You always will.

Forget you faults, lock your eyes on that invisible, yet ultimately powerful, person you are in the spirit – you’re created perfectly like Jesus and you are seated in Him at the right hand of God far above all powers. You’re in a very high spot, don’t let anything drag you out of there.

Jesus won’t leave you or forsake you. He knows that when the weather is hot, the cayenne pepper’s at work, you get stanky. Shower often. Don’t get discouraged. Though many will turn their back on you – they cannot argue with steadfast commitment to the vision God has given you.

Love you.

Observations Of The Rich (Non-exhaustive)

All rich people are not the same kind of rich. 1. Some are simply engulfed in it due to the someone around them, perhaps a rich grandparent. They know nothing of where it comes from, where it goes, what it is for, and so forth. 2. Some were born with certain talents that fit into a market the world was craving and they became rich using these talents – this is all they know of rich. These usually feel sorry for those less affluent. They struggle and become “philanthropists” because they don’t believe anyone else has their gifts, and therefore no one else could become rich except those born with certain talents. They have no idea how to become rich without their talents. This is common in the entertainment industry. 3. There are some who, though not smarter, learn of a different set of rules. They discover a law of lift and they fly while other’s run. Or they discover a wheel, and ride where others walk. They play the game by a different set of rules. After many hard years, or decades of learning, and harnessing what they have diligently studied in the realm of finances – sifting through the endless ideas, advice, and direction – some of which is correct and some of which is wrong, they are able to take flight and secure wealth for their posterity. I certainly don’t know everything about wealth and riches, but I have seen these three exist, and it creates a variety of political ideologies. 1. Those who are simply engulfed with wealth and ignorant of it’s laws will gladly throw it to whomever because it has no real comprehensible purpose, it is just something that happened to them. They may become corrupted by it. 2. Those who have a very valuable natural gift or talent, though refined and perfected, still realize that others could not use the same gift. They weren’t “blessed.” These will attempt to fight corruption, sometimes, and they will believe that they must give it – after all, it is not fair to others – they could not attain that place, they don’t have the right stuff. 3. Then there are those who spent considerable time, such a precious valuable, learning a system of principles and laws that the masses seem to be ignorant of. They will have the perspective that anyone could be rich, even the least likely, because they too found a weakness which they overcame. They may seem a little harder, often confused with those corrupted by money, even stuck up, but they believe in others, because they learned to believe in themselves and the value their Creator placed in them. They will have quite a different political opinion. Nonetheless, the masses, will likely see them all as the same. These are just some observations I have seen.

The Church’s Responsibility Regarding Chaotic Current Events

If you really care about lives: If you really mean it when you #alllivesmatter then I think we ought to look at a problem that has begun to manifest in not only our society but in the world.

The problem is two fold.

1. There is spiritual motivation working to overtake the world again. We’ve seen these things in history, Hitler is probably the most well known, but there are attempts throughout history where men are used  and motivated by a spiritual influence. Spirits “speak” to people through their thoughts, philosophy and ideaology.

2. This spiritual influence has gained power because of the sad condition of men and women who have lost touch with God’s reality. It is deeply saddening to see men and women growing up in a world void of reality. “Bryan, what do you mean? We have reality!” No, reality is not what you experience. That is your “experiential reality.” Real reality are unchanging principles and laws of the universe. These are quite the story but not the purpose of this article. Science has scratched the surface of some, but if you follow science – little is unchanging.

Men, women, girls, boys and babies all over the United States and all over the world are moving to take control of the bad. Some are harnessing the governments, some are harnessing groups of like-minded people, and some are harnessing their intellectual skills. The problem is these hollow people have no foundation and are subject to evil spiritual influence. They come from no truth, which is no foundation, and attempt to correct the world. It is like pushing a car out of the snow while standing on ice. The progress experienced is you sliding, not the car moving.

So as men pursue these foundationless solutions they become hardened; calloused. Because they had no reality, that which they sought to correct begins to manuever them. I think the German philosopher Nietzsche said it well, “And if thou gaze long into the abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

There is but one solution for those who would help others escape the dark waters of instability. The Church holds Truth. It is God’s Word. The world has been so indoctrinated to believe that the Bible is the creation of man and that Christianity is a powerless religion – oh that they could visit one of our many Churches and find it not to be so.

Sadly still, upon entering many they would find the group appearing void of power. We have capitilized more on not offending and ensuring people are properly greeted rather than ensuring they are healed, given the Truth that their sins are forgiven, and that they are delivered. It is possible to do both well, I do not advocate getting rid of the kindnesses and pleasantries of attending a Church meeting.

These current generations have a pre-ordained purpose.

You see, before these beautiful creations go and change the world, they must be introduced to reality – and that, is our (the Church) responsibility. We need not send out the sick into battle, but we send forth the healed. We need not send out those motivated by fear, but those motivated by love. Not those with eyes blinded by darkness, but those who see a most beautiful and bright light.

The purpose of these generations was already established. “Change the world.” And they will. Whether that be by Satan leveraging this purpose, or by the true intentions of the Father and Jesus for good.

What about those with good intentions who are apart from Jesus? They are the kind soul on the side of the road pushing on a car stuck in ice, as they slip further into the grasp of such ice. The Church must put in the foundation: The Great News of Jesus.

The Church Of The Last Days In A World Of Chaos & Instability

An excerpt from an unedited rough draft of my upcoming book: Delivered From Darkness: The Church of The Last Days

The world may be full of increasing instability and chaos, but the Church is not. The world no doubt is like dark waters churning violently in a night storm. The fierce wind blowing huge waves over itself and clouding the air with confusion and an inability to see. A wet fog that burns the eyes with the constant feeling of being dropped as the boat rises, only to fall forcefully as it is slammed back into the sea.

You see the world has no Reality. The world has nothing to believe except its experience and that experience is quickly spiraling down and out of control. There is an end. There is an end to the world.

The world’s reality opposes itself. Its pride keeps it from clinging onto Truth and instead leaves it tossed with every wave. The ways of the world throw many, leaving them dazed in confusion and depression. “What an evil god there must be, if there be one at all!” they scream. Indeed, without God’s reality I would no doubt believe the same things. Some men shoot for this reason and others for that, others then choose love only to hurt and kill emotionally, and while still others adopt a life of absolute peace and tranquility only to have emptiness ring in their ears.

God speaks to His Church prophetically in Isaiah 54:10: “For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee.” You see, the mountains will depart. The hills will be removed. The features on earth that mankind uses for mapping and calculating accuracy will change. The very maps that men use will be changed. What men once used to orient themselves and to stabilize their reality will be changed.

However, there is something more stable than the mountains; more sure than the hills. It is God’s Word; His covenant of peace. That’s shouting news! That’s great news! Church, we are the only stable thing in the world and that’s because we have God’s Word. We have His kindness bestowed upon us, not because of what we do, but because we have put our faith in Jesus – the Savior! The Savior of the whole world! Oh that they would receive Him by turning to Him and speaking with their mouth that Jesus is the Provider of Salvation! He is the forgiveness of sins, the healing of disease, the deliverance from bondage to death and the provider of all we need!

What a glorious message we, the Church, have to carry to the world! Each of us in our unique giftings are equipped to be a part of this. Even as the world becomes a darker place than it has ever known, to the point that men’s hearts (of the world) fail them! How terrifying for those whose kingdoms have fallen and all that they have known are but waste. Thrown here and there by every wind of evil, but yet we have the Reality. His name is Jesus, and He is revealed in the Word of God!

We believe in something that is immovable, therefore we are immovable. We hold fast and stand in and rejoice in and act on the Words of God. They are reality. As Jesus spoke to His Father in John 17:17, “…Thy Word is Truth (Reality)!” (Paranthesis/Emphasis mine)

Isaiah 54:14 says: “In righteousness shalt thou be established…” This righteousness we know from Romans 4 is a gift given to us by the work of Jesus! We are established and set in righteousness because it does not depend upon our doings! It fully depends upon the work of Jesus, and my friends, if you have put faith in Jesus – you’re established in righteousness in spite of what you do! I cannot and do not want to fathom the hardness of a heart that can hear these things and not cry out to Jesus, “My Savior! My Savior!” “In righteousness shalt thou be established: thou shalt be far from oppression…” Praise God! We who have put faith in Jesus are FAR from oppression. We are not in bondage. How far we have been from the realization of this, but God is revealing it to His Church today! He wants us free! Just like Colossians 1:13 talks about: we are delivered from the ability of darkness and transferred into the Kingdom of the Son of God’s love (Jesus)! Get this: Far from oppression. Many have been confused and felt they were oppressed. Tell those feelings to shut up! We have reality. The reality is, in spite of your feelings, you’re far from oppression!

Let’s pick the verse back up, “…for thou shalt not fear…” Yep. That’s right. I know it is easy to be afraid, especially when the dust is in the air but the Word of God creates a safe place for you. We can abide in, continue in, the Word of God and it is a safe place. Just like when Egypt was in darkness during the plagues, and inside the tents of Israel was day light! Miraculous protection is ours. Miraculous life is ours. The world is confused and hardened, but we’re still here so that they can latch on to the reality of Jesus and be saved. We are safe! It’s not bad! Jesus prayed we would remain in the earth in John 17:15 and I believe it was for such a time as this. Be encouraged Church, be strong! Do not be afraid. Speak to yourselves, you can shut off the fear – we can do it. We can become immovable in the Word of God. This is our destiny, our call, our work and the powerful ministry of Jesus.

An unedited excerpt from the rough draft of my next book: Delivered From Darkness: The Church Of The Last Days

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Understanding Psalm 91: Finally Promoting After 1 Year? Why?

Understanding Psalm 91 by Bryan MaplesAbout a year ago I published my book Understanding Psalm 91: The Secret Place Revealed. I did very little promoting it. I don’t know if it was the fact that I was done with it and wanted a break or what, but it wasn’t in my heart to promote it.

The few people who read it really gave me great compliments, but I just wasn’t really interested. So, I let the book sit on and Kindle and didn’t really do much. I had the sales from Kindle going into a particular account which I never checked. I didn’t know anyone was buying it. Well, some people were. I glanced at that account not to long ago and saw that it was actually selling – sweet! During this time it would come to mind, and my Pastor also would ask about it, when I was going to have a book signing, etc.

Well, I thought about it and I told him that I just didn’t feel like it was complete. I realized in saying that that I probably never would, but still – maybe God was wanting me to hold off? I don’t know exactly. But, I got a copy out a week or so ago and started to read…

My criticism vanished as I read it. Did I really write this? This stuff was great! I was being reminded of Truth! I realized I had not really even looked at this book in over a year. Wow! I flipped through pages and I know that it is something God would want the Church to have.

So I ordered some copies. Then things started rolling and all of a sudden I am preaching on it this Sunday and doing a book signing.

I think it is time now. I don’t know why I waited. I do what’s in my heart for the most part and that is God leading me. But, I think it is time now.

I think this timely teaching is going to take root in the Body of Christ and we are going to be safe, really safe. We are going to delve deeper into the salvation that Jesus has provided us. We are going to begin to interpret scripture more accurately as our minds are cleansed from these sickening thoughts that mute believers. I believe that as the world gets darker, the Church will get brighter. We will be safer. We will be more prosperous. As time draws towards its end and the world plunges into chaos and darkness, the Church will be stability. She will be a Light. She will be Truth. I believe Psalm 91 is a part of this. If you can’t make it out to my book signing tomorrow morning at 10:30 at Grace and Faith Bible Church of West Colorado Springsplease jump on here and order a copy – let me know what you think. Unless it’s bad. Then keep it to yourself haha. Thanks everyone!

Get your copy today and start renewing your mind to this beautiful revelation of safety in Jesus!
Get your copy today and start renewing your mind to this beautiful revelation of safety in Jesus!

Employment, Work, Vision and Call For Christians

Sermon notes below video.

God has given you desires.

Philippians 2:12-16
v.13 “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and do do of his good pleasure.”

To will:
Greek: Thelo
Def: to will, to have in mind, to intend to do, to desire, to be INCLINED to do… It is somewhat passive and basically means “the things you want to do”

To do:
Greek: Energo
Def: the action. active. to be operative in.

Good pleasure:
Greek: eudokia
Def: good opinion, what seems to you to be good

HIS is not in the verse.

“God operates in us to will and actually put forth the action to accomplish what seems good.”

For your time on earth. Purpose for now.

v.15 “…in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world. Holding forth the word of life…”

Colossians 1:10: Fruitful in every good work.

Greek: Ergon (root Ergo)
Def: Business, employment, what you are occupied doing

Def: Fruit bearing.

Psalm 128 is speaking of a blessed man who walks in God’s ways, and we know that to be blessed and walk in God’s ways means we have put faith in Jesus as our Savior. So this is speaking to BLESSED men saying we will EAT THE LABOUR OF OUR HANDS. Work is for new creations.

Work is not part of the curse. Toil and stressful work is. We don’t have to have toil and stressful labor.

*If the desire God has put in your heart is creating stress and toil – you’re doing it wrong. something is off.*

…Nothing God has called us to do is without faith… “How do I need to apply faith in my work?

“But Bryan, it hasn’t been before!” God says it will be. We need to get with the Father and see where we are missing it.

Matthew 6:19-34

Focus on being rich, not on acquiring money. Focus on being excellent, knowledgeable, and understanding of your work. Money always follows this. The world looks at money – we look at Jesus. We don’t serve money, money serves us. Money will always be there as we focus on doing what God has called us to do. Now that, requires faith.

Some interpret this passage and others so wrongly that they believe God has called them to be what is described in 2 Thessalonians 3:8-15

Old Rabbi saying: “The father that doesn’t teach his son a skill, teaches him to rob.

Why the world regrets their labor and work at the end of their life: Psalm 127

God Instituted Variety In The Church, What Is Your Unique Gift, Service and Operation?

We need to understand that we are unique, but we also need to know that there is diversity in the Church. Diversity means variety.

variety: (n.) the quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity, sameness, or monotony.

By God’s design, according to His pleasure – there should be and needs to be an absence of uniformity. There needs to be an absence of sameness. Sometimes we think of this in the sense of dressing strange or dying our hair a weird color but this fact that God instituted diversity is speaking of gifts, administrations, and workings in 1 Corinthians 12:4-6.


The word here is charisma and its base is the word “grace” or “charis.” It means “favorable thing.” A key to discovering your unique gift is that it is something favorable. It’s something you will like and something the Body of Christ, the Church, will greatly appreciate. It’s good to know the generality of your gifts, or those talents you enjoy using, but we need to zero in on the uniqueness.


Your service also should be unique. God did not institute a uniform division of ministers. How you serve, and how you put the Truths you know and understand into operation in the Church is to be unique. That also, we, the Church, greatly appreciate. Remember, God says that by the same Spirit, there is variety in the actual administration and service. Some of us do things differently. I love to preach to crowds, and I like to use examples and yelling. I like to bring revelation, but I will be empowered more perfectly when I dial into the unique way God has for me to serve His Church.


There is even diversity in the things that are wrought. The operations that occur – there is variety. Some of us cause miracles of healing to happen, some of us cause financial miracles, and some of us just make people feel GREAT! Some of us should be working and operating heavenly music, prophetic art, other art, Spirit – led research and so forth. But the question here is what is your unique work? What is it that you are to be crafting in the Body of Christ?

And now I close with 1 Corinthians 12:7 from Young’s Literal Translation

And to each hath been given the manifestation of the Spirit for profit.

The wording in the Greek means the profit of all. We profit off of each others uniqueness and variety of service. I encourage you to dial in on your unique service – it will be a benefit to all of us. Thanks!

Do Sinful Actions and Behaviors Matter Today?

When my daughter starts to pitch a fit, I look her right in her beautiful little eyes, without a bit of disgust for her, and I speak life into her with these words, “You do not throw fits. You are just great and this isn’t who you are.” I tell her who she is and I believe in who she is, regardless of her actions.

I was studying healing and I’ve had this sin idea in the back of my head during the study. I know God was linking sickness and sin somehow and in my study I began to see that both sickness and sinful behaviors are a product of the spiritual death that occurred in mankind at the time Adam committed high treason.

This isn’t so much an article on a nature of sin vs. sinful actions. We are going to talk to those who are actually born again and no longer have a sin nature in their spirit, but who do sometimes commit sinful actions.

What constitutes a “sinful action?” It is whatever violates your conscience. How is it that something is sin to some folks but not to others? Well Paul addresses this in Romans 14:1 and basically we get this idea that “sinful actions” are whatever violates your faith. When you do something that violates your conscience. Some folks are more secure in their faith than others when it comes to something like having a beer, or being around witches… for example. Some folks just can’t be around witches and some people absolutely cannot have a beer. No problem.

Anyway, I don’t want to get too involved in what constitutes a sin because I will say that God has put a lot of value and consideration on the fact that we are new creations. God isn’t worried about us thinking something like raping people isn’t a sin. God isn’t worried about us wondering if swinging as Christians is a sin. “But Bryan, there are Christians who think that is okay!” No. No they don’t.

Paul goes over some universal perversions of nature that all new creations agree on in their spirit. Homosexuality is a hot topic at the moment. I don’t believe for a moment any new creation really believes it is okay. Am I saying they don’t have those desires? No. Am I saying they aren’t trying to convince themselves? No. But I am saying it is a violation of their conscience.

I’ve violated my conscience numerous times. However, each time it wasn’t right. No, you aren’t hearing me there yet. Listen, I’m not talking about “right and wrong.” I’m saying it wasn’t right. It wasn’t who I am. It is an alien environment for a new creation. It’s like trying to live on the moon.

There is still no condemnation, and God doesn’t pull your sins back up from their grave in hell. I’m just saying it’s not how you are and you won’t be able to live out the Kingdom of God while you’re in sin.

It’s not that God is punishing your sins or that there must be consequences, I really don’t believe God sees them, but it isn’t right, it isn’t as it should be and it keeps you from receiving life to the fullest.

It is a little difficult to properly address the subject because religion has polluted so many things. Making people feel bad for going to a Journey concert or having a couple of beers with some friends. We must discern between what is religious and what is a really not who we are. The Word of God, as always, is the answer.

Have you ever read through those sins Paul lists in Galatians or in other letters about liars, homosexuals, fornicators, murderers and such. That’s a list of things that we are not. It is wrong to interpret that as a list of commandments. It’s not. It is a list of what we are not and if we are performing those actions, we ought to stop. We aren’t murderers, liars, fornicators, homosexuals and so forth. That you can be sure of.

Don’t worry you fun seekers, there are many fun things to do aside from being homosexuals, sex-a-holics, and liars.

So anyway, I hope you get what I am saying that its not a “do this or get a God sized spanking” but instead it is God telling you who you are. You will have a much fuller, better life by acting out who you are – not who you aren’t. Oh, by the way, that includes healing. Who you are is not sick, who you are is well. I know, it’s a crazy great faith life.

When my daughter starts to pitch a fit, I look her right in her beautiful little eyes, without a bit of disgust for her, and I speak life into her with these words, “You do not throw fits. You are just great and this isn’t who you are.” I tell her who she is and I believe in who she is, regardless of her actions.

That’s what our Father is doing for us and I hope now we can hear Him not in condemnation, but in life “You are the righteousness of God in Christ.”

Do Financially Successful Christians Follow The World?

Success formulas, positive thinking, and even affirmations are staples in the lives of the successful. I’m talking self-made millionaires here. I was having a conversation with one and he had heard me speaking, and had come to conclude that we both teach the same things.

I can see how prosperity coming about can sound the same from both the world and Bible-based teaching. The world actually utilizes biblical principles. As a matter of fact, every successful thing that gets accomplished utilizes a biblical principle or law.

Did you know Satan used the justice of God and the love of God to dominate the world? Yep, Satan didn’t force Adam, who was the god, or one in charge of this world. He coerced Eve and then simply asked Adam to join. Satan closed the sale. Salesmen, he wasn’t afraid of the no, he was going after the yes. Satan closed the sale.

Satan then knew that because of God’s justice, God could not just take back that authority. Satan had gotten it legally. Satan also knew because of God’s great love for man that God would not simply just destroy mankind. Satan thought that was the sale to end all sales but he was wrong. Thank God for the outstanding wisdom of God who sent Jesus, legally a man, but not born of man (therefore not having man’s disposition of bondage), to conquer Satan. The great news is we are free’d from the law of sin and death now!

Anyway, it’s the same thing in the world. Speaking things, visualizing things, believing things, encouraging yourself, etc. has all been in the Bible.

But there is a major difference. We as Christian’s don’t believe simply: in ourselves. We believe in who Jesus has made us. We don’t look ourselves in the mirror and cope, we look ourselves in the mirror and know that God has made us new creations who are righteous, healthy, forever forgiven and blessed with success.

We aren’t just “good people.” We are new creations! We aren’t simply overcoming circumstances – we are countering them and changing the world. We aren’t evolving into more intelligent beings, we are stepping into what God has already made us: those possessing all of the knowledge of God. We are getting to know our Father, and beholding Him, and being changed into the very likeness of Him.

As Christians, we aren’t serving money, and we aren’t trusting in money. We are ruling it, dominating it and making it serve ourselves. We are making money submit to building the Kingdom of God in the earth. We are taking money and enjoying life, but we know the higher purpose. We are affecting the world. We are peddling the greatest thing ever provided to man: Jesus, eternal life itself.

Of course Christians ought to be in the business places, the market places, the media places, the government places, the educational places and entertainment places. Christians ought to be involved in every aspect of the world because we have exactly what we need.

Now just like a pushy salesman gets rejected, we must help people discover what they need. This doesn’t come through preaching. Preaching is great – I’m a preacher, but I don’t preach to people who need help realizing what they need. Preaching doesn’t sell. Preaching builds up those who are sold.

We don’t become annoying, and especially not flakes! We are the pillars of Truth in the earth, and it is time we step into our responsibilities! We are professionals, and we have great purpose. We are the leaders. We possess the knowledge in full that the world taps into to expect brief and often worthless success.

Christians, we are not the followers. We are the leaders! Any principle you’re operating on needs to be rooted in the Bible. Go find it! Look at principles others are using for success and find out where it is in the Bible and how to work it better. God has so much for us!