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Creative writing by Bryan Maples.

Business is dirty.

I just want to encourage you and myself. I love it when God just comes in with just the right Words.

In business, even though we are all perfect believers, it’s dirty. I know there is the idea of the people who do things perfectly, but I’ve begun reading their biographies… and sorry but not sorry – those people are blown out of the water. I haven’t found anyone who has done BIG prosperity perfectly. (POLITICAL INSERT: It’s like people who fault the great country of America for it’s many faults.) It correlates very well with Proverbs 14:4

Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox.

If you’re getting stuff done for God’s Kingdom, rest assured you are very blessed and you have the mind or Christ, which is the best business mind to ever exist – and you can also be sure that your “git er done” is going to poop in the office.

These beasts of great strength and ability, without which it’d be nearly impossible to get as much plowing and production done, will also excrete “nasties.” So will you. We’ve all blown up the office bathroom (figuratively speaking of course). You always will.

Forget you faults, lock your eyes on that invisible, yet ultimately powerful, person you are in the spirit – you’re created perfectly like Jesus and you are seated in Him at the right hand of God far above all powers. You’re in a very high spot, don’t let anything drag you out of there.

Jesus won’t leave you or forsake you. He knows that when the weather is hot, the cayenne pepper’s at work, you get stanky. Shower often. Don’t get discouraged. Though many will turn their back on you – they cannot argue with steadfast commitment to the vision God has given you.

Love you.

Observations Of The Rich (Non-exhaustive)

All rich people are not the same kind of rich. 1. Some are simply engulfed in it due to the someone around them, perhaps a rich grandparent. They know nothing of where it comes from, where it goes, what it is for, and so forth. 2. Some were born with certain talents that fit into a market the world was craving and they became rich using these talents – this is all they know of rich. These usually feel sorry for those less affluent. They struggle and become “philanthropists” because they don’t believe anyone else has their gifts, and therefore no one else could become rich except those born with certain talents. They have no idea how to become rich without their talents. This is common in the entertainment industry. 3. There are some who, though not smarter, learn of a different set of rules. They discover a law of lift and they fly while other’s run. Or they discover a wheel, and ride where others walk. They play the game by a different set of rules. After many hard years, or decades of learning, and harnessing what they have diligently studied in the realm of finances – sifting through the endless ideas, advice, and direction – some of which is correct and some of which is wrong, they are able to take flight and secure wealth for their posterity. I certainly don’t know everything about wealth and riches, but I have seen these three exist, and it creates a variety of political ideologies. 1. Those who are simply engulfed with wealth and ignorant of it’s laws will gladly throw it to whomever because it has no real comprehensible purpose, it is just something that happened to them. They may become corrupted by it. 2. Those who have a very valuable natural gift or talent, though refined and perfected, still realize that others could not use the same gift. They weren’t “blessed.” These will attempt to fight corruption, sometimes, and they will believe that they must give it – after all, it is not fair to others – they could not attain that place, they don’t have the right stuff. 3. Then there are those who spent considerable time, such a precious valuable, learning a system of principles and laws that the masses seem to be ignorant of. They will have the perspective that anyone could be rich, even the least likely, because they too found a weakness which they overcame. They may seem a little harder, often confused with those corrupted by money, even stuck up, but they believe in others, because they learned to believe in themselves and the value their Creator placed in them. They will have quite a different political opinion. Nonetheless, the masses, will likely see them all as the same. These are just some observations I have seen.

It’s exciting to look back as you grow through the decades and see how much you’ve grown and how far God has taken you. I was just thinking back probably 14 or 15 years up to probably eight years ago when I made a big move. It’s been awesome the whole way, but it’s so neat to see where I’m at now.

God has fed me consistently with good information. He has increased my knowledge, yes practical knowledge as well, all by focusing on His Word. You see, in that Word, He promises to give you the desires in your heart. He caused me to hunger after certain types of knowledge regarding certain subjects, and that made me increase in ways I had never imagined. He is directing my path. There is real fruit.

It is tempting sometimes to be afraid to follow the desires of your heart. What if it’s the wrong path? What if you hear wrong? What if I’m making a mistake and going to end up being a loser or wasting a bunch of time?

Well, that’s the great thing about a relationship with God. It is dynamic. It is living. It is active. You won’t hear wrong consistently, you will hear right consistently. Sure, you may make a mistake here and there like I have, but if your relationship is living, the consistency you hear and live will be there. You will be able to hear God’s Words clearer and clearer, and distinguish them from thoughts that sound like God, but are not. This will happen. You don’t need to worry about it. Be true to where God is leading you, and He is faithful.

Life is continuous. Direction is continuous. Life is not about making one mistake and being train wrecked forever. Life is the conglomeration of your relationship with God. A tree when it is growing will sometimes lean to the left or sometimes lean to the right, but it is growing upwards the entire time. Your way will become more and more true.

Because of God’s Words I am thinking higher than I ever would have. I am dreaming bigger than I ever could have. I am doing things far beyond what I really could have been doing, and it’s only increasing. God is a God of increase. What about you? Are you enjoying your journey? Keep being true to that relationship with Him, He’ll always guide you and He’ll never let you down.

The Temptation of Discouragement (A Poem)

Did You weep my King?

Did you weep upon the mountains?

Through the barren deserts, did you weep?


For a tender root, a young plant You were,

In dry soil, without much chance.

What You came to do, could you do?

Faith told You yes.


Did you have to fight my King?

Did you fight discouragement away?

Did the tears flow my Lord? I know they did.


For temptation came, as it does,

That failure himself spreading failure,

Begging you to believe on Your weakness,

That frailty, that the world always sees.


But you pushed them back my Lord,

No great beauty to be seen,

No great name by which to be known. Not yet.


“You can have it all” the fowler proclaimed,

To the discouraged soul, hungered and detached.

It’s the only way, you are no King,

Will You save Israel with your 12?


No my Lord, You would save the world.

With millions upon millions,

And the voice of them as many waters.


Don’t be sad my heart,

Do not fret my soul,

For the One who conquered all,

Now lives well within.


Awake my soul and remember,

His goodness towards you is limitless.

A river of joy flowing without end.

Socialism Is Natural

I was walking past a college tonight, a state university, and was admiring the architecture. It was fairly cool out with a very light breeze, a beautiful fall evening after dark. The sprinklers were still running this late into the season, and I was looking at the four stories of stone work. They were illuminated by some lights shining up on the building from the landscaping. The lights inside were on as well. I could see the couches, comfortable chairs, warm light and coffeehouse colors.

I looked up to the next floor and could see some blue and green lights. It looked interesting, and fun. I thought of how the students come from all across the world to attend school here. They have many new experiences, and meet many new and exciting people. They find new ideas, and really experience that comfort of adjusting. It made me think of a safe zone. A safe place. Who wouldn’t want that?

These fine educators have done a wonderful job helping to create an environment that is comfortable to learn in. They’ve created an atmosphere that the students will look back on and cherish for years. Why? I thought of the professors, and how would they want anything different for these students they love? I don’t know that I’ve ever met a selfish teacher. They love these kids. They want them safe, and protected. They foster ideas about being safe, and comfortable. Taken care of. After much thought and study they’re often led to socialism. What a beautiful thought. It really is. It is at the heart of human desire.

In comfortable places, comfortable things are thought up. I do not discourage this.

But the world is a terrible and hard place for men and animals. Darwin was right when it comes to natural men, the fittest survive. There was evidence he retracted this statement, but whether he did or not, I know he too longed for a safe place. We all do. It’s okay.

Socialism is not an evil thought in and of itself. Socialism is an attempt at a most common desire amongst humans. This desire comes from somewhere though. Men were created to be cared for, provided for, to enjoy work without stress, to be loved, and to never lack. This need is just as real as food. Though we can live longer without it, it is a need, and men will move to meet this need.

For every necessity, or dare I say desire, of man, there is something to satisfy it. Whether it is food, water, entertainment, new things to explore, new things to learn, or whatever. What is there to provide for and care for us?

Man’s quest for God has created many religions. Like anything else, some men have given up on it altogether. Some persist. Is religion the answer? It hasn’t been.

What is it man is seeking? It is not socialism, it is not religion, it is not science, it is the One. We’re seeing the remnants of what the Bible has perfectly explained. Men, created in the Garden of Pleasure, designed for real relationship with the Provider. This isn’t religion that I’m talking about, it is reality.

Why hasn’t this God responded to men? Well, He has. As a matter of fact, He became a man. I think we all know there is more to life than simply what we can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. There is an entire world that exists beyond our senses. This is what the Bible refers to as the “spirit”. Faith is the link that connects us with the “spirit”. I won’t go into too much detail here, but there was a time where lies did not exist. Faith connecting us to the spirit was all that was necessary. However, a spiritual world of lies, and murder came into existence. Now, faith can connect us to either a world of lies or the Truth.

So God, entered the realm of man’s five senses and made himself known to us. His name is Jesus. While He was here, He made Himself the sacrifice; the payment; the one who stepped in on our behalf. Mankind, this word in the Hebrew is “Adam”, knowingly opened the door to death in all of its forms. Jesus paid the great sacrifice to close this door permanently and forever, and it is accepted, or entered into, by faith.

God has provided an answer to man’s need for a safe place. God has provided an answer to man’s need for provision and happiness. There is much to learn and discuss, but it begins here: His name is Jesus.

So I do not believe in man meeting man’s need. I believe in a real God, who is not distant and out of reach, but is present and able to meet real needs. Religious thought has tried to accept Him and limit Him. It creates a half-truth that He “might” meet your needs. The reality is, He created every bit of desire and every bit of wealth, and is more than willing, He is thrilled, to give us every good thing. We just have to believe it. That is the only connection we have to the spiritual world, and God is a Spirit.

He Wouldn’t Keep Heaven’s Beauty Without Us

Oh, how tempting it is,

that little cabin in the woods,

the snow falling so softly, so sweetly, so quiet and so at peace.


That brook full of ice cold water,

the sound of gentle splashes,

of water running, spinning, leaping and dipping.


Not a sound around,

all the animals are warm in their nests,

and I, warm in a cabin, alone, surrounded by a world that should have been.


But I cannot stay here,

for there is a world that needs me,

a world calling, crying, and fainting for truth.

Heaven Is Fast Approaching!

Heaven is fast approaching. Her heavenly light does shine. As the rays become more and more, as though one by one they erupt over the curvature of the earth. Heaven’s light does shine, it does show forth. Rejoice, you His bride! Rejoice at His coming – for you will lose not one thing! I speak my secrets to you in the night, that you may speak, and hearing they shall hear and seeing they shall see! Yea, lest they do not see, lest they do not hear, speak! For I will show forth my light, that which illuminates and makes known, that which shows forth the darkness and brings it out, it casts it out into outer darkness. Awake My Bride! Awake, for Christ has come, His name is Jesus and He is here forevermore. Where? Where does He live? In My people, the Church. Awake! Arise! I have called you out of darkness. I have called you into light! Fear not to do well, fear not to smile with the brightness of the sun! Fear not to awake with joy in your heart! Fear not to hope and to dream and to act! I am with you always, even to the ends of the age! You will lose not one thing, no not one. You will gain everything, though you already have it. I have blessed you with every spiritual blessing, these are My Words, I have blessed you with all good things. You say to your daughter, she can have anything good, I say to you, you can have anything good! I am with you always, and my presence does show forth. The world will see it, they will know it. They will fear, they will shrink back, they may hate you but I am greater than they. They cannot arise against you for I have called you, for such a time as this, you are called and you are delighted. You are delighted to have Me as your King, your loving Father, and the world shall see it. Screaming for Me they shall come, for I will put it on you that you should draw all men to yourself, as Jesus drew all judgement to Himself. Fear not to write My words, fear not to write them. Analyze them, critique them, examine them, and believe them. I have not left you hopeless, for I have given you great dreams, I have put them into your heart. Eat, feast on them, and evict evil from your mind, for My Christ dwells there, yes His name is Jesus, My Son, My Beloved. He is alive in you and He shines forth to give light to the world. Rejoice!

What’s The Big Deal With Easter?

It was just yesterday that their whole world had come crashing down. They were so sure. The unsettling, sick feeling inside was amplified today. Mentally exhausted by trying to fight through the thick mud of doubt and lacking understanding. “We didn’t know what was going on! We felt truly helpless and confused. It was surreal. We had just been eating with him…” The disciple broke down in tears. “We knew that He said things hard to be understood. We knew that… but we, we didn’t see this coming. We thought how could He mean this? He is coming to free Israel and reign over Israel. We ate dinner, we enjoyed a great dinner. We could tell the Master’s heart was getting heavy. I remember His eyes, how they stayed focused on us. He really loved us.”

Jesus made a request of them, that they come and pray with Him. He wanted them with Him. Many times He went to pray alone but that night was different. Even yet, He had them wait behind Him. He was quite heavy that night as the sorrows of death, no, eternal death waxed. “We couldn’t even stay awake. We didn’t know what this new teaching was exactly but my, my were we tired! He woke us up but we were right back to sleep until strangely, He was standing before us… settled. Totally different than He appeared before. He spoke softer to us. ‘Come now, the time is here.'”

The disciples began to become more serious as they recounted the armed men who came to take Jesus into custody. “We would fight!” they said with steadfast commitment in their voice. But He said no, and He was taken away. “We thought He could walk out of there at any time!” But He didn’t… The followers of Jesus watched in horror as their Master was whipped and torn. They could scarcely believe where things were going as Pilate gave the people the option between Jesus and a robber. What they beheld, they could not believe was happening.

Then He was crucified. They watched their Lord die. The earth quaked, there was darkness and all of creation groaned, quaked and could not understand.

Yesterday was the single most difficult thing they had ever experienced. There were so many visions and thoughts to sort through. Who would help them? The Master was gone. In the grave, and we couldn’t even go to the grave yet. They quickly, with great tears, embalmed Him. That bloody, beaten, crucified mass of body. As the ladies looked into His lifeless body, the confusion overpowered them. They went on autopilot and did what they were supposed to do with a body.

As they laid down exhausted, and Jesus’ body lay silently in the tomb, there was a strangeness over the land. For every devil and dark power seemed to be preoccupied.

For in the darkness of the underworld, Jesus, the spirit of this man, was being tortured with all torture the world or spirit could ever know. The demons were gathered. Jesus had become sin. Jesus had become grotesque and evil. The sin of mankind engulfed His identity and person. Oh God did He hate it! Death, sickness, sin, and all bad was upon Him and consuming Him. He began to suffer. Dumbfounded the evil powers watched as He was suffering for all of mankind.

Then all of hell and the powers that belong there, Satan himself, in whom is no truth or reality, he who was a murderer from the beginning were hurled back in power that has never been released before. Satan and the devils were left paralyzed as Jesus was declared righteous. The first born from the dead. An explosion of life demolished the chains binding mankind. Jesus was justified! The punishment was paid, and now the power of God filled Jesus, the Spirit returned to Him and He came out of death! Some say it was an explosion of light, but He came back into His body and in an instant it was changed from a death filled mortal body into an incorruptible body. Such power emitted that the soldiers were knocked out and the angels, rejoicing rolled the stone away! Not for Jesus, but for the disciples.

“My God, what we did not know!” declared the disciple. “There was so much at that time that we did not know, and would take many, many years for us to begin to really understand.”

“That Sunday morning, how could I even speak of it? It changed everything. Forever. It was the beginning of the Kingdom of God in the earth. God got everything back for us!”

Like the disciples that day, there is much, much for us to learn. The Kingdom of God is here, and Jesus paid for your sins. With that sin He paid for everything sin caused such as sickness, lack, stress, pains and subjection to bad. When Jesus arose, He had paid for all of man’s sins. However, just as Adam had to make the choice of separating himself from God – you, we must make the decision of reconnecting with God. You’ve heard a tale of what happened, but the powerful reality confirming it is at your door.

God exhibits and communicates His love to us in this: That He gave His only Son for us, to suffer the full consequence of our condition, and buy us out from it. Will you accept this? Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart, “Jesus, I have heard what You have done. I act on it. You are my Lord and Savior.”

Welcome to the Kingdom! And yes, there is much, much to learn. Find a local church that gets you the knowledge your heart desires. If you’re in or around Colorado Springs, I invite you out to Arise Church. Check us out at

Poem: Arise Bride of Christ

“I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“I love you, My Church:
I am excited for you.
You are rising in the earth,
You are discovering your worth.
Fast approaching is the dawning of a new age,
It is now breaking the horizon – sending forth rays.
Our resurrection bodes are closer than ever before,
Paul testified these are something we all long for.
(Romans 8:23)

Fear not to put them on,
Enjoy the rays of this dawn.
No more glorious time on earth has been,
Than My Church in this world – steeped in sin.
You shall set them free – they’re looking for you!
Their eyes are open, and hearts searching for you.
You must be real – more than they feel,
I’ve sent My substance, My Holy Ghost – He is My Seal.

Arise My bride, in glorious light:
Clothed in honor – unafraid to fight.
Arise My bride, in glorious light!
Robed in righteousness – bring all that’s right.

The world she waits – the day has dawned,
The night approaches and my people are calmed.
Day does break as night does come,
Rightness you do have, so shine as My Kingdom comes.

You will be hindered no one bit,
As you walk the earth in dominion of it.
Amongst the people you walk as a king,
Because of your shadow My praises they’ll sing.

Now beware lest you be swollen with pride,
For Satan will come tempt you and tell you I lied.
But hold fast the Word of Truth,
And I assure you dear children – you cannot lose.

My faithful ones a crown they’ll inherit,
It’s based upon My working in them – not on their merit.
You must allow My Word to work,
It is a shield that will protect you from hurt.

Whatever you can believe, see I’ve given it to you,
Be not afraid to reach for whatever you need,
For it will be there.
Arise My bridge and conquer this night,
For I have arrayed you in glorious, victorious light!

In My blood, Jesus Christ

Poem Bringing Back The Stresslessness Of Childhood

Looking through the glass with squinted eye,
Peering hard into a boyhood well beyond the sky,
Through memory it shines as bright as summer day,
Sometimes the longing to return could take my breath away.

Like a dark, leafless tree against a reddish sky,
It stood alone, with stern, aged face – I wondered why?
I could just ask him and to listen I had the time,
He told me of life and a general store, of which now is no sign.

Like an old house now broken down and empty,
A table still set, clothes, old, now hanging and dusty.
Faded by sunlight a newspaper waited for someone’s return,
A hundred year old local paper, what could I learn?

Like snow falling soft and slow,
Or the way that moonlight could make it glow.
Time was no issue to stop and see,
And do something magnificent and priceless to me.

Life was fun and so full of wonder,
To lose all of this must be one great blunder.
This error I see it steals; it kills; it destroys.
Fear is at the root and stress is what it employs.

A man does not consist of all he owns,
Is life not more than clothes, foods and phones?
Love your family and buy them all,
Teach them this deceit so they shall fall.

Is it things that are bad? No, not at all.
It’s that you sell your soul and begin to crawl.
God’s good Words make us rich and add no sorrow,
Believe this, and we need have no fear of tomorrow.

Like a pop fly ball hit on a baseball field,
A hot summer day smell of dirt just tilled,
Like laying on thick, green grass
A deep sigh and smile watching clouds pass.