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Socialism Is Natural

I was walking past a college tonight, a state university, and was admiring the architecture. It was fairly cool out with a very light breeze, a beautiful fall evening after dark. The sprinklers were still running this late into the season, and I was looking at the four stories of stone work. They were illuminated by some lights shining up on the building from the landscaping. The lights inside were on as well. I could see the couches, comfortable chairs, warm light and coffeehouse colors.

I looked up to the next floor and could see some blue and green lights. It looked interesting, and fun. I thought of how the students come from all across the world to attend school here. They have many new experiences, and meet many new and exciting people. They find new ideas, and really experience that comfort of adjusting. It made me think of a safe zone. A safe place. Who wouldn’t want that?

These fine educators have done a wonderful job helping to create an environment that is comfortable to learn in. They’ve created an atmosphere that the students will look back on and cherish for years. Why? I thought of the professors, and how would they want anything different for these students they love? I don’t know that I’ve ever met a selfish teacher. They love these kids. They want them safe, and protected. They foster ideas about being safe, and comfortable. Taken care of. After much thought and study they’re often led to socialism. What a beautiful thought. It really is. It is at the heart of human desire.

In comfortable places, comfortable things are thought up. I do not discourage this.

But the world is a terrible and hard place for men and animals. Darwin was right when it comes to natural men, the fittest survive. There was evidence he retracted this statement, but whether he did or not, I know he too longed for a safe place. We all do. It’s okay.

Socialism is not an evil thought in and of itself. Socialism is an attempt at a most common desire amongst humans. This desire comes from somewhere though. Men were created to be cared for, provided for, to enjoy work without stress, to be loved, and to never lack. This need is just as real as food. Though we can live longer without it, it is a need, and men will move to meet this need.

For every necessity, or dare I say desire, of man, there is something to satisfy it. Whether it is food, water, entertainment, new things to explore, new things to learn, or whatever. What is there to provide for and care for us?

Man’s quest for God has created many religions. Like anything else, some men have given up on it altogether. Some persist. Is religion the answer? It hasn’t been.

What is it man is seeking? It is not socialism, it is not religion, it is not science, it is the One. We’re seeing the remnants of what the Bible has perfectly explained. Men, created in the Garden of Pleasure, designed for real relationship with the Provider. This isn’t religion that I’m talking about, it is reality.

Why hasn’t this God responded to men? Well, He has. As a matter of fact, He became a man. I think we all know there is more to life than simply what we can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. There is an entire world that exists beyond our senses. This is what the Bible refers to as the “spirit”. Faith is the link that connects us with the “spirit”. I won’t go into too much detail here, but there was a time where lies did not exist. Faith connecting us to the spirit was all that was necessary. However, a spiritual world of lies, and murder came into existence. Now, faith can connect us to either a world of lies or the Truth.

So God, entered the realm of man’s five senses and made himself known to us. His name is Jesus. While He was here, He made Himself the sacrifice; the payment; the one who stepped in on our behalf. Mankind, this word in the Hebrew is “Adam”, knowingly opened the door to death in all of its forms. Jesus paid the great sacrifice to close this door permanently and forever, and it is accepted, or entered into, by faith.

God has provided an answer to man’s need for a safe place. God has provided an answer to man’s need for provision and happiness. There is much to learn and discuss, but it begins here: His name is Jesus.

So I do not believe in man meeting man’s need. I believe in a real God, who is not distant and out of reach, but is present and able to meet real needs. Religious thought has tried to accept Him and limit Him. It creates a half-truth that He “might” meet your needs. The reality is, He created every bit of desire and every bit of wealth, and is more than willing, He is thrilled, to give us every good thing. We just have to believe it. That is the only connection we have to the spiritual world, and God is a Spirit.

What’s The Big Deal With Easter?

It was just yesterday that their whole world had come crashing down. They were so sure. The unsettling, sick feeling inside was amplified today. Mentally exhausted by trying to fight through the thick mud of doubt and lacking understanding. “We didn’t know what was going on! We felt truly helpless and confused. It was surreal. We had just been eating with him…” The disciple broke down in tears. “We knew that He said things hard to be understood. We knew that… but we, we didn’t see this coming. We thought how could He mean this? He is coming to free Israel and reign over Israel. We ate dinner, we enjoyed a great dinner. We could tell the Master’s heart was getting heavy. I remember His eyes, how they stayed focused on us. He really loved us.”

Jesus made a request of them, that they come and pray with Him. He wanted them with Him. Many times He went to pray alone but that night was different. Even yet, He had them wait behind Him. He was quite heavy that night as the sorrows of death, no, eternal death waxed. “We couldn’t even stay awake. We didn’t know what this new teaching was exactly but my, my were we tired! He woke us up but we were right back to sleep until strangely, He was standing before us… settled. Totally different than He appeared before. He spoke softer to us. ‘Come now, the time is here.'”

The disciples began to become more serious as they recounted the armed men who came to take Jesus into custody. “We would fight!” they said with steadfast commitment in their voice. But He said no, and He was taken away. “We thought He could walk out of there at any time!” But He didn’t… The followers of Jesus watched in horror as their Master was whipped and torn. They could scarcely believe where things were going as Pilate gave the people the option between Jesus and a robber. What they beheld, they could not believe was happening.

Then He was crucified. They watched their Lord die. The earth quaked, there was darkness and all of creation groaned, quaked and could not understand.

Yesterday was the single most difficult thing they had ever experienced. There were so many visions and thoughts to sort through. Who would help them? The Master was gone. In the grave, and we couldn’t even go to the grave yet. They quickly, with great tears, embalmed Him. That bloody, beaten, crucified mass of body. As the ladies looked into His lifeless body, the confusion overpowered them. They went on autopilot and did what they were supposed to do with a body.

As they laid down exhausted, and Jesus’ body lay silently in the tomb, there was a strangeness over the land. For every devil and dark power seemed to be preoccupied.

For in the darkness of the underworld, Jesus, the spirit of this man, was being tortured with all torture the world or spirit could ever know. The demons were gathered. Jesus had become sin. Jesus had become grotesque and evil. The sin of mankind engulfed His identity and person. Oh God did He hate it! Death, sickness, sin, and all bad was upon Him and consuming Him. He began to suffer. Dumbfounded the evil powers watched as He was suffering for all of mankind.

Then all of hell and the powers that belong there, Satan himself, in whom is no truth or reality, he who was a murderer from the beginning were hurled back in power that has never been released before. Satan and the devils were left paralyzed as Jesus was declared righteous. The first born from the dead. An explosion of life demolished the chains binding mankind. Jesus was justified! The punishment was paid, and now the power of God filled Jesus, the Spirit returned to Him and He came out of death! Some say it was an explosion of light, but He came back into His body and in an instant it was changed from a death filled mortal body into an incorruptible body. Such power emitted that the soldiers were knocked out and the angels, rejoicing rolled the stone away! Not for Jesus, but for the disciples.

“My God, what we did not know!” declared the disciple. “There was so much at that time that we did not know, and would take many, many years for us to begin to really understand.”

“That Sunday morning, how could I even speak of it? It changed everything. Forever. It was the beginning of the Kingdom of God in the earth. God got everything back for us!”

Like the disciples that day, there is much, much for us to learn. The Kingdom of God is here, and Jesus paid for your sins. With that sin He paid for everything sin caused such as sickness, lack, stress, pains and subjection to bad. When Jesus arose, He had paid for all of man’s sins. However, just as Adam had to make the choice of separating himself from God – you, we must make the decision of reconnecting with God. You’ve heard a tale of what happened, but the powerful reality confirming it is at your door.

God exhibits and communicates His love to us in this: That He gave His only Son for us, to suffer the full consequence of our condition, and buy us out from it. Will you accept this? Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart, “Jesus, I have heard what You have done. I act on it. You are my Lord and Savior.”

Welcome to the Kingdom! And yes, there is much, much to learn. Find a local church that gets you the knowledge your heart desires. If you’re in or around Colorado Springs, I invite you out to Arise Church. Check us out at

Relationship & Communication With Daddy (Audio)

In a world that is looking through supplements, nutrition, and medicines to produce energy – there is but one answer: Life comes from knowing God. Men and women were created to know God, have relationship and hear from Him. This is what life is: knowing God! The fullness of life!

Join us Wednesday nights at 6:30pm for a time of worship and Bible teaching. Childcare is provided, so if you need some refreshing time with the Lord in Colorado Springs, come on by! Contact me for directions and location information.

How Could A Loving God Send People To Hell? (Audio)

Join us Wednesday nights at 6:30pm for Wednesday Night Church! Let’s take a look at the answer to the question, “How Could A Loving God Send People To Hell?” We’ll look at Hell, redemption and associated questions. Thank you Jesus for rescuing us from such a terrible state!

God Believes In You: Now Believe In & Encourage Others (2 of 2)

This is the second message to God’s Outreach Deliverance International Church of Creston, IA. God believes in you, now encourage and believe in others! Also: Understand the difference between confidence and pride. Again, a big, “Thank you!” to this group for inviting me to speak again – it really means a lot and is greatly appreciated.

God Believes In You: Your Gifts Are Your Responsibility (1 of 2)

This message was given at God’s Outreach Deliverance International Church of Creston, IA and it is applicable to the entire Body of Christ. The fact is, God really believes in you. That’s right: He believes in you. Your gifts should not be limited and it is your responsibility to operate in them. A great big, “Thank you!” again to this Church for allowing me to be a part of building them up.

The Church’s Responsibility Regarding Chaotic Current Events

If you really care about lives: If you really mean it when you #alllivesmatter then I think we ought to look at a problem that has begun to manifest in not only our society but in the world.

The problem is two fold.

1. There is spiritual motivation working to overtake the world again. We’ve seen these things in history, Hitler is probably the most well known, but there are attempts throughout history where men are used  and motivated by a spiritual influence. Spirits “speak” to people through their thoughts, philosophy and ideaology.

2. This spiritual influence has gained power because of the sad condition of men and women who have lost touch with God’s reality. It is deeply saddening to see men and women growing up in a world void of reality. “Bryan, what do you mean? We have reality!” No, reality is not what you experience. That is your “experiential reality.” Real reality are unchanging principles and laws of the universe. These are quite the story but not the purpose of this article. Science has scratched the surface of some, but if you follow science – little is unchanging.

Men, women, girls, boys and babies all over the United States and all over the world are moving to take control of the bad. Some are harnessing the governments, some are harnessing groups of like-minded people, and some are harnessing their intellectual skills. The problem is these hollow people have no foundation and are subject to evil spiritual influence. They come from no truth, which is no foundation, and attempt to correct the world. It is like pushing a car out of the snow while standing on ice. The progress experienced is you sliding, not the car moving.

So as men pursue these foundationless solutions they become hardened; calloused. Because they had no reality, that which they sought to correct begins to manuever them. I think the German philosopher Nietzsche said it well, “And if thou gaze long into the abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

There is but one solution for those who would help others escape the dark waters of instability. The Church holds Truth. It is God’s Word. The world has been so indoctrinated to believe that the Bible is the creation of man and that Christianity is a powerless religion – oh that they could visit one of our many Churches and find it not to be so.

Sadly still, upon entering many they would find the group appearing void of power. We have capitilized more on not offending and ensuring people are properly greeted rather than ensuring they are healed, given the Truth that their sins are forgiven, and that they are delivered. It is possible to do both well, I do not advocate getting rid of the kindnesses and pleasantries of attending a Church meeting.

These current generations have a pre-ordained purpose.

You see, before these beautiful creations go and change the world, they must be introduced to reality – and that, is our (the Church) responsibility. We need not send out the sick into battle, but we send forth the healed. We need not send out those motivated by fear, but those motivated by love. Not those with eyes blinded by darkness, but those who see a most beautiful and bright light.

The purpose of these generations was already established. “Change the world.” And they will. Whether that be by Satan leveraging this purpose, or by the true intentions of the Father and Jesus for good.

What about those with good intentions who are apart from Jesus? They are the kind soul on the side of the road pushing on a car stuck in ice, as they slip further into the grasp of such ice. The Church must put in the foundation: The Great News of Jesus.

The Church Of The Last Days In A World Of Chaos & Instability

An excerpt from an unedited rough draft of my upcoming book: Delivered From Darkness: The Church of The Last Days

The world may be full of increasing instability and chaos, but the Church is not. The world no doubt is like dark waters churning violently in a night storm. The fierce wind blowing huge waves over itself and clouding the air with confusion and an inability to see. A wet fog that burns the eyes with the constant feeling of being dropped as the boat rises, only to fall forcefully as it is slammed back into the sea.

You see the world has no Reality. The world has nothing to believe except its experience and that experience is quickly spiraling down and out of control. There is an end. There is an end to the world.

The world’s reality opposes itself. Its pride keeps it from clinging onto Truth and instead leaves it tossed with every wave. The ways of the world throw many, leaving them dazed in confusion and depression. “What an evil god there must be, if there be one at all!” they scream. Indeed, without God’s reality I would no doubt believe the same things. Some men shoot for this reason and others for that, others then choose love only to hurt and kill emotionally, and while still others adopt a life of absolute peace and tranquility only to have emptiness ring in their ears.

God speaks to His Church prophetically in Isaiah 54:10: “For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the Lord that hath mercy on thee.” You see, the mountains will depart. The hills will be removed. The features on earth that mankind uses for mapping and calculating accuracy will change. The very maps that men use will be changed. What men once used to orient themselves and to stabilize their reality will be changed.

However, there is something more stable than the mountains; more sure than the hills. It is God’s Word; His covenant of peace. That’s shouting news! That’s great news! Church, we are the only stable thing in the world and that’s because we have God’s Word. We have His kindness bestowed upon us, not because of what we do, but because we have put our faith in Jesus – the Savior! The Savior of the whole world! Oh that they would receive Him by turning to Him and speaking with their mouth that Jesus is the Provider of Salvation! He is the forgiveness of sins, the healing of disease, the deliverance from bondage to death and the provider of all we need!

What a glorious message we, the Church, have to carry to the world! Each of us in our unique giftings are equipped to be a part of this. Even as the world becomes a darker place than it has ever known, to the point that men’s hearts (of the world) fail them! How terrifying for those whose kingdoms have fallen and all that they have known are but waste. Thrown here and there by every wind of evil, but yet we have the Reality. His name is Jesus, and He is revealed in the Word of God!

We believe in something that is immovable, therefore we are immovable. We hold fast and stand in and rejoice in and act on the Words of God. They are reality. As Jesus spoke to His Father in John 17:17, “…Thy Word is Truth (Reality)!” (Paranthesis/Emphasis mine)

Isaiah 54:14 says: “In righteousness shalt thou be established…” This righteousness we know from Romans 4 is a gift given to us by the work of Jesus! We are established and set in righteousness because it does not depend upon our doings! It fully depends upon the work of Jesus, and my friends, if you have put faith in Jesus – you’re established in righteousness in spite of what you do! I cannot and do not want to fathom the hardness of a heart that can hear these things and not cry out to Jesus, “My Savior! My Savior!” “In righteousness shalt thou be established: thou shalt be far from oppression…” Praise God! We who have put faith in Jesus are FAR from oppression. We are not in bondage. How far we have been from the realization of this, but God is revealing it to His Church today! He wants us free! Just like Colossians 1:13 talks about: we are delivered from the ability of darkness and transferred into the Kingdom of the Son of God’s love (Jesus)! Get this: Far from oppression. Many have been confused and felt they were oppressed. Tell those feelings to shut up! We have reality. The reality is, in spite of your feelings, you’re far from oppression!

Let’s pick the verse back up, “…for thou shalt not fear…” Yep. That’s right. I know it is easy to be afraid, especially when the dust is in the air but the Word of God creates a safe place for you. We can abide in, continue in, the Word of God and it is a safe place. Just like when Egypt was in darkness during the plagues, and inside the tents of Israel was day light! Miraculous protection is ours. Miraculous life is ours. The world is confused and hardened, but we’re still here so that they can latch on to the reality of Jesus and be saved. We are safe! It’s not bad! Jesus prayed we would remain in the earth in John 17:15 and I believe it was for such a time as this. Be encouraged Church, be strong! Do not be afraid. Speak to yourselves, you can shut off the fear – we can do it. We can become immovable in the Word of God. This is our destiny, our call, our work and the powerful ministry of Jesus.

An unedited excerpt from the rough draft of my next book: Delivered From Darkness: The Church Of The Last Days

You Need A Rescue: Righteousness Is A Gift

Righteousness. The state of being right: both with God and being as I ought to be. Stop. Wash your mind of the limiting thoughts that this is simply about being bad or good. Doing the right things and the wrong things. That is little kid stuff. Righteousness is so much more than that.

Why was it such a big deal to receive it as a gift? (Romans 3:21-25) Because the world prides itself in being able. What is so wrong with the world trying? Because the world must relinquish this pride and die. A man must die. When man ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, he died. He lost his ability to live. Period. We must come to that place.

God doesn’t bring you there to keep you there. Too much religion stops right there. “You’re a sinner.” And thats it. No, that’s not it. God brought you there to save you, but you must first come there. Bypass years of struggle, questions, self-help and vain turmoil by accepting that you need a rescue. Pride will destroy you, but humility in reaching out to the Savior, Jesus, will lift you up.

So, I am righteous now and should never sin again? Wrong. It is so much more than that. When you hear this Truth and you take it to heart, you speak it out “Jesus, I agree. I need you.” It is simple at first, you don’t need a huge understanding up front. You need the simple Truth. But righteousness, enters you and is put to your account. Without your works. You cannot earn it.

Righteousness is the condition man had in the Garden of Eden. You’re back there. Why does it seem like that is not the case? Because the world around you didn’t change, and it happens from inside your spirit outward. It doesn’t happen from your body inward like lots of people want it to. It happens from a place that you cannot feel, see, smell, touch or hear (with your physical ears). It happens in the spirit where you must utilize faith to contact and connect.

Weird, yes. Only at first. Everything you aren’t used to is weird. When you were a baby, it was weird to eat with a fork. When you first started driving, it was weird to drive. It’s okay that it is weird, but it is a better way. Just like (most of the time) it’s better to eat with a fork, or its better to drive a car (such as up a mountain).

Righteousness was  put to your account and it brought you back into a state of being that is right. This happened in your spirit, but your spirit is the very source of your life. As your mind (soul) lines up with this knowledge of the Truth regarding your spirit, you are having faith. As you have faith, you begin to act on that (this is called believing).

For example, you are no longer a lover of evil. You may still feel cravings and strong desires (lusts) towards sexual sin or other bad things – but it is simply a glitch, a fake ghost, lingering for a moment in an unrenewed portion of your mind. As you learn from what God tells you about who you are these glitches are corrected. It is absolutely possible for a drunkard to put faith in Jesus as his Savior and crave alcohol and drunkenness. Until the drunkard hears and believes that he is no longer a drunkard.

Rightousness is a gift that we cannot earn and that we should not try to earn. Righteousness means we are corrected. It means we are how we should be. It means that in your spirit, when you put faith in Jesus, you were made a brand new creation. You became something you were not and that something is perfect. That something does not lack anything in any area. Righteous means that you are not sick, that there is no disease, that there is no lack, that you are not in bondage to anyone or anything and it means that each and every one of your sins are gone completely. It means that the ones you committ during your time of learning who you are are not put to your account either. (Romans 4:8)

This place of righteousness is so much more than being good. It is a totally new way of being. You have become a totally new creation. You don’t lack anything, including goodness. It’s in your spirit first, but as you study the Words of God to you, He tells you about it. You hear it and you believe and this changes your life. This brings that spiritual truth into the physical world.

The Kingdom of God enters the earth, people begin to perceive it and many are called – and many join in. One by one the earth is infiltrated by believers. By people who receive this gift of righteousness. Their joy becomes apparent as they relax and enjoy friendship with the Creator. They come to understand things the world searches for in vanity. They become lights in a dark world. They become preservers of goodness. They become revealers of life.

You are the righteousness of God in Jesus. It is a gift that comes from believing God. A place of hearing, being persuaded of the Truth and acting on God’s Word.

Say it now: Jesus, I believe. You came and bore all my sin and made me righteous. You enabled me to be as I was created to be.

If you said that (aka prayed that prayer) please do contact me or a local Church and let them know you made the decision to make Jesus your Savior. Welcome to the Kingdom of God and a life that is real.

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