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Impending Failure In Your Business or Life?

That tightness arises as the reality of an impending failure tries to set in, most “doers” have felt it, some all to well. The depression creeps in like a midnight fog, it’s hard to see it move but it’s thicker, and thicker, and thicker. Many have depended on you, many look to you, and here you are.

I must congratulate you. You’re facing one of the main stoppages of success and accomplishment. You’re a doer.

Man, being as he really should be, will fall seven times and rise still. A bad, spoiled person will grope, slip, slide, and stumble through the wilderness never rising. My encouragement would be RISE UP! Stop “floundering.” Your identity and character will be solidified during the journey. Vision activates a hunger for knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

That’s not a Bible verse, but it’s what I get from Proverbs 24:16. Impending failure does not mean you must fail. Falling does not mean you’ve failed.

You see, it’s really not a failure if you consider it an obstacle to be briefly studied, exploit its weakness and overcome it. It’s like a Goliath. You don’t let it keep running its mouth, if it tries to drag out, it’s time to move towards it with the Sword, the Word of God and trample it under your feet.

Impending failure is only one battle in the taking of a good land promised to you as a man born again by faith in Jesus as Savior. What I’m calling “impending failure” doesn’t have to become a failure. It can become the next exciting challenge in a book called “Your Life.” A testimony of God’s goodness – not a tragedy of fate.

Don’t let a previous “failure” put you out of business. Count it as a challenge, because thanks to Jesus – you’re righteous, and you’ll rise above.


The Words of God Erase Sickness and Poverty

Go to the Word, and feed upon the promises (good words), or blessings (good words), that are written concerning whatever it is you want the Word (Jesus) to affect. Mutter them to yourself (meditate), turn them over and over in your mind and with your mouth. You will find that God’s Word is a reality (Truth) that becomes your physical reality as well. Sound mystical?

It’s not. It’s how spiritual truth (reality) becomes physical reality. It’s that simple. That if a believer has the liar (Satan or demons or the world) telling them they are sick, they need simply go to Isaiah 53:4 and see that it is for sure, Jesus has lifted up and crucified our sickness and dragged away, hauled off our pain, sorrow, toil and stress. That’s wonderful news! Now convince yourself of it.

Jesus also took away all of the infirmities, weaknesses of our financial situation. Jesus was rich, but for our sake, He became poor so that we could be rich (not remain poor). (2 Corinthians 8:9)

Did Jesus use a doctor to heal the sick? No. He used His Words and Faith. Did Jesus use money to purchase things? Yes, He paid not only His, but Peter’s taxes as well. Paul used money to pay for himself and those with him. Paul, by New Covenant revelation of the Spirit told us to earn money and become “wealthy” (see 1 Thess. 4:11-12).

Spending time in the Word is spending time with Jesus (THE Word made flesh). As we spend time with Jesus, in the Word, we are transformed into His image. We must see Him properly, and that is only done by His Spirit and His Word, together, beholding our Savior.

The Church has had too many misunderstandings of the Father and His Word in the last century. We must allow Him revelation in our hearts that bears witness with His Word, Jesus. I hope you’re encouraged today that the only thing you need, is to convince, to persuade yourself of God’s Word and that is done by hearing and hearing and hearing and you can do that yourself by speaking and speaking and speaking to yourself.

It’s exciting to look back as you grow through the decades and see how much you’ve grown and how far God has taken you. I was just thinking back probably 14 or 15 years up to probably eight years ago when I made a big move. It’s been awesome the whole way, but it’s so neat to see where I’m at now.

God has fed me consistently with good information. He has increased my knowledge, yes practical knowledge as well, all by focusing on His Word. You see, in that Word, He promises to give you the desires in your heart. He caused me to hunger after certain types of knowledge regarding certain subjects, and that made me increase in ways I had never imagined. He is directing my path. There is real fruit.

It is tempting sometimes to be afraid to follow the desires of your heart. What if it’s the wrong path? What if you hear wrong? What if I’m making a mistake and going to end up being a loser or wasting a bunch of time?

Well, that’s the great thing about a relationship with God. It is dynamic. It is living. It is active. You won’t hear wrong consistently, you will hear right consistently. Sure, you may make a mistake here and there like I have, but if your relationship is living, the consistency you hear and live will be there. You will be able to hear God’s Words clearer and clearer, and distinguish them from thoughts that sound like God, but are not. This will happen. You don’t need to worry about it. Be true to where God is leading you, and He is faithful.

Life is continuous. Direction is continuous. Life is not about making one mistake and being train wrecked forever. Life is the conglomeration of your relationship with God. A tree when it is growing will sometimes lean to the left or sometimes lean to the right, but it is growing upwards the entire time. Your way will become more and more true.

Because of God’s Words I am thinking higher than I ever would have. I am dreaming bigger than I ever could have. I am doing things far beyond what I really could have been doing, and it’s only increasing. God is a God of increase. What about you? Are you enjoying your journey? Keep being true to that relationship with Him, He’ll always guide you and He’ll never let you down.

Does Prosperity Come Without Work?

This can be a bit tricky because of the variety of understandings in regards to “work.”

God’s grace has provided us everything. Including financial riches (Second Corinthians 8:9). It’s a done deal. Jesus took the curses for us and left us with the good words of God. Ephesians 1:3 says that we are blessed with all spiritual blessings. A spiritual blessing is literally the “spiritual good words of God.” Jesus said in John 6:63 that His words are spirit. And “blessings” there is the Greek word “eulogia” (eu = good and logos = words). All the good words of God are yours. Now you can look all through the word of God and find that you are rich. Proverbs 10:22 says that God’s blessing makes you rich. And it doesn’t come by toil.

I guess what we need to ask is, “if we are restored to a perfect and pre-fallen condition with God by Grace (Jesus), then are we exempt from work?” Was Adam exempt from work? Nope.

Work used to mean something entirely different than it does now. The good news is, we don’t have to work like the world does. We don’t have to toil and stress. We don’t have to overextend ourselves and sacrifice our health and our families. That’s fear-based work. The good part is that God has put great wealth in you. I mean something valuable. I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about something that is very valuable.

But how do you translate that into money? After all, you do need money to pay bills and so forth. You take that wealth, those ideas, those unique things about yourself and you mix them with faith based on this knowledge (that God wants you rich and has made you rich). With the persuasion that these gifts, talents and desires are valuable in that God has created a need for them in the earth. Now, you seek him on how to market these things in the earth and get paid for them. You need to generate money in the earth.

First Thessalonians 4:11 – 12 tells us that God wants us all gainfully employed in a high-paying work. He wants us to be completely independent financially. He also wants you to have more than what you need so that you can meet the needs of others and help them get established and become independent and givers. God does not want us creating dependents! He has called us to abound to every good work (second Corinthians 9:8).

Faith is a noun. Believing is a verb. We need to be in a state of faith, but to get the manifestation into the earth we need an action. If you notice, Jesus always had an action for people’s faith. Whether it was “get up and walk” or “go home your child is well” or “stretch out your hand”, He always had an action. Believing is action. It’s the same thing with supernatural, spiritual prosperity. You need to be in faith that God has made you rich, and we need to seek him on how to act that out.

Some people have thought that money is evil, and I guess they can just keep on thinking that, but you have a call and a purpose. If you are serious about doing what God has called you to do, it’s going to take money. I encourage you to look into the Scriptures on this and start persuading yourself of them. God has made you rich. Maybe it’s the idea that you never really thought you could do? Maybe you need supernatural revelation as to what your gifts are? Prosperity is going to come out of a close personal relationship with your Father.

It can be a process. I think it is supposed to be. I’ve learned so much walking this out and studying this with my Father. I’ve learned more about faith, and how to work it. Just remember, Wisdom is the principal thing: Knowing Jesus and His Words (Proverbs 16:16). And in her left hand is riches (Proverbs 3:16). Seek God’s Word – it will make you rich, but understand: you’re going to put action with your faith to see it appear.

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Socialism Is Natural

I was walking past a college tonight, a state university, and was admiring the architecture. It was fairly cool out with a very light breeze, a beautiful fall evening after dark. The sprinklers were still running this late into the season, and I was looking at the four stories of stone work. They were illuminated by some lights shining up on the building from the landscaping. The lights inside were on as well. I could see the couches, comfortable chairs, warm light and coffeehouse colors.

I looked up to the next floor and could see some blue and green lights. It looked interesting, and fun. I thought of how the students come from all across the world to attend school here. They have many new experiences, and meet many new and exciting people. They find new ideas, and really experience that comfort of adjusting. It made me think of a safe zone. A safe place. Who wouldn’t want that?

These fine educators have done a wonderful job helping to create an environment that is comfortable to learn in. They’ve created an atmosphere that the students will look back on and cherish for years. Why? I thought of the professors, and how would they want anything different for these students they love? I don’t know that I’ve ever met a selfish teacher. They love these kids. They want them safe, and protected. They foster ideas about being safe, and comfortable. Taken care of. After much thought and study they’re often led to socialism. What a beautiful thought. It really is. It is at the heart of human desire.

In comfortable places, comfortable things are thought up. I do not discourage this.

But the world is a terrible and hard place for men and animals. Darwin was right when it comes to natural men, the fittest survive. There was evidence he retracted this statement, but whether he did or not, I know he too longed for a safe place. We all do. It’s okay.

Socialism is not an evil thought in and of itself. Socialism is an attempt at a most common desire amongst humans. This desire comes from somewhere though. Men were created to be cared for, provided for, to enjoy work without stress, to be loved, and to never lack. This need is just as real as food. Though we can live longer without it, it is a need, and men will move to meet this need.

For every necessity, or dare I say desire, of man, there is something to satisfy it. Whether it is food, water, entertainment, new things to explore, new things to learn, or whatever. What is there to provide for and care for us?

Man’s quest for God has created many religions. Like anything else, some men have given up on it altogether. Some persist. Is religion the answer? It hasn’t been.

What is it man is seeking? It is not socialism, it is not religion, it is not science, it is the One. We’re seeing the remnants of what the Bible has perfectly explained. Men, created in the Garden of Pleasure, designed for real relationship with the Provider. This isn’t religion that I’m talking about, it is reality.

Why hasn’t this God responded to men? Well, He has. As a matter of fact, He became a man. I think we all know there is more to life than simply what we can see, hear, smell, taste and feel. There is an entire world that exists beyond our senses. This is what the Bible refers to as the “spirit”. Faith is the link that connects us with the “spirit”. I won’t go into too much detail here, but there was a time where lies did not exist. Faith connecting us to the spirit was all that was necessary. However, a spiritual world of lies, and murder came into existence. Now, faith can connect us to either a world of lies or the Truth.

So God, entered the realm of man’s five senses and made himself known to us. His name is Jesus. While He was here, He made Himself the sacrifice; the payment; the one who stepped in on our behalf. Mankind, this word in the Hebrew is “Adam”, knowingly opened the door to death in all of its forms. Jesus paid the great sacrifice to close this door permanently and forever, and it is accepted, or entered into, by faith.

God has provided an answer to man’s need for a safe place. God has provided an answer to man’s need for provision and happiness. There is much to learn and discuss, but it begins here: His name is Jesus.

So I do not believe in man meeting man’s need. I believe in a real God, who is not distant and out of reach, but is present and able to meet real needs. Religious thought has tried to accept Him and limit Him. It creates a half-truth that He “might” meet your needs. The reality is, He created every bit of desire and every bit of wealth, and is more than willing, He is thrilled, to give us every good thing. We just have to believe it. That is the only connection we have to the spiritual world, and God is a Spirit.

Put Fear Down & Faith Up – Hard, Real Words About Believing God

We hear about fearful things all the time in this world. Something bad is always going on somewhere. It’s no secret that a Kingdom of Darkness is at work in the earth. It’s obvious that it doesn’t care if the person is good or bad. We often see very good people suffering with life-stealing diseases, cancers and other symptoms of death. Many folks are forced down the path of least resistance when forced to reconcile the goodness of the person and the evilness of circumstances. That path of least resistance is, “It must be God’s will” or “It must be something everyone must face” or “It’s just that we live in a fallen world.” This list of similar things could go on and on, but at their root they are submissive to circumstances. They bow their knee to how things are. They believe in helplessness and finally, they create a religious god that is unable or uninterested in acting.

Well that sure isn’t the God of the Bible.

I find in the Bible a God who encourages resistance of evil (bad) through faith in His Words. The God of the Bible has spoken words that He shows every implication, including outright declaration, that He expects us to believe it. Believe it? Act on it. Acting on God’s promises is believing it.

What did Jesus say to those He healed? Get up! Pick up your bed! Stretch out your hand! Go your way! ACTION.

If we looked into the psyche of many men, we would find that there is a lingering fear of depending on something. Many folks are afraid to depend on sales to stay high, work to stay steady, the economy to stay steady, family to stay healthy, and … afraid that God didn’t mean what He said. Or maybe just afraid that we aren’t understanding it.

God has made His Word clear. Reject fear. I know you feel it, but we don’t go by feelings! Remember? We don’t go by feelings. Feeling fear is not fearing. It’s a temptation to fear. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Act on faith! Refuse doubt. God’s Word says it, so it is. Act rich, because by Jesus poverty you were made rich. Act well, because by Jesus stripes you were healed. Act free, because you were delivered from the kingdom of darkness. Act righteous, because all of your sins are gone.

But am I pretending? If you are acting on a promise of God – no you are not pretending. Pretending is simply using the imagination to lie to yourself. Believing God is using the Word to counter lies – see, the Word of God is Truth (Jn17:17). The missing ingredient in denial and pretending is – God’s Word. God’s Word changes everything. God’s Word is Jesus on the scene. God’s Word is Jesus manifest in the flesh. God’s Word is God Himself. If you need God to appear – put His Word in your mind and mouth.

It’s working. It’s reality. It’s Truth.

The Bible doesn’t hide the fact that you will experience things contrary to circumstances and the reality of those around you. It says in Psalm 91 that a thousand will fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand. That’s pretty serious if you think about it. What millions are experiencing in the earth is different than what we, as believers (those who believe/act), experience. Cut that, “It’s not fair” crap out – everyone is welcome to believe God. Everyone can believe God to be rich, healthy, free and right. It’s no man’s responsibility or call to pick up another man’s decision. It’s actually not even loving them. You see, God is love, and He respects mans right to choose hell. Love respects decision.

So back to it, will you believe God? Thousands are going to experience evil around you. You’re even going to see it Psalm 91 says. It says you will see it with your very own eyes. That doesn’t mean you need to participate! That verse says “It will not come near you.” That’s bold. But tell yourself that… “It will not come near me.”

“Now Bryan, what’s the difference between that and just saying bad things won’t happen to me? I’ve had people say things would never happen to them and they did!” The difference is – THE WORD OF GOD. We aren’t just picking random things out of the air and believing them. We are standing on the promises of the very God who created everything. HE is the one who said that these evils won’t happen to you. So now, you can say with Him, “It will not come near me.” “Cancer will not come near me.” “Poverty will not come near me.” “Blindness will not come near me.” That is depending on the Word of God.

It’s a sad thing that many Christians find that radical. It’s disgusting the amount of dilution “Christianity” has sustained from the world. When did God tell us to go to the world for help? Just answer that question. …Exactly. We are coming out of a time when it was okay for Christians to be full of doubt in God’s Word and full of confidence in man’s ability. Disgusting. That sounds more like the type of lukewarm Christian God would want to spew out of His mouth. Not one who has a beer from time to time.

God didn’t create us to be part of the world’s system. He made us separate from it, protects us from it, and wants us to rule over it – delivering all of those who would come out.

We just don’t have a lot of time to tip-toe around the subject of faith anymore. Either you believe God or you don’t – just choose one. God’s not afraid to answer us and enforce His Word. It’s a better way. It’s high time to get passed everyone asking why God doesn’t heal today and start teaching people how to get up and walk. Are you with me? Seriously, it’s crazy to believe God. Let’s do it!

I invite you to Arise Church in Colorado Springs on Sunday’s at 5pm if you feel you need to be around an encouraging, faith building bunch. We believe God! We do things we cannot do! We prosper! We are delivered from darkness! All by Jesus!

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You Can Simultaneously: Be Happy, Stress-less & Still Prosper!

How many times do I need to hear, “It’s not about having a lot of money – it’s about being happy” before I actually do something about it? What am I supposed to do? Quit my job?! I’ve got a family! Hearing it though, when someone makes it sound so simple, to just… relax. Sigh. It sounds so great. Relax?! I am not sure that I’ve truly done that in years. I’ve had at least a couple of businesses or other endeavors going on at once for years. But still, it calls to me every now and then. I hear someone or see someone who is fit, happy and… broke? Well not all but most. Maybe all. Anyway… It’s like I have to choose between being hindered financially from enjoying life or I have to work so hard to be financially independent that I don’t get to enjoy life! It’s never enough. I thought one day if I made “X” amount of money I would relax. Um, no. It wasn’t enough. Whether I’m making $20,000, $80,000 or $1 million it’s not enough! Come on Bryan, one millions not enough?

What the heck are we missing?! The Bible says in Proverbs 10:22 that the blessing of the Lord makes us rich and He adds no sorrow (toil and stress) with it. I have thought about this for years. How delightful. But every time I let go of what stresses me the finances seem to drop and I have to pick it back up! Now I am stepping out into full time pastoring a church I’m starting and… I’m my main donor!!!

That’s called trusting in the arm of the flesh. It’s mentioned in Jeremiah 17:5-6 – check it out – it sounds just like stress, “for he will be like a bush in the desert, and will not see when good comes, but will inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land and not inhabited.” Stress is the result of trusting in the arm of the flesh. We’ve got to stop trusting in our efforts to take care of us. Jesus provides PHYSICAL care for us.

It’s time to cross that threshold of faith. It’s time to enter faith. Will you come with me? Here’s the missing, vital key: FAITH.

We must take God at His Word and act on it. It’s not a matter of just continuing what you’re doing until God surpasses it through another means. That’s not faith. That’s waiting on something that won’t happen. Faith is a force that brings things which weren’t seen into the realm of the seen. Faith must be utilized. Faith creates physical reality. Look at Jeremiah 17:7-8 this time, about the man who instead of trusting in the “strength of his natural ability” (arm of the flesh) he trusts in God and God is his expectation: “He will be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreads out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat comes, but her leaf shall be green and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.” Now that sounds much better.

God, I choose to act on faith in You based wholly upon Your Word. You promise that the good words (blessing) You’ve spoken over me make me rich (financially and in every area spirit, soul and body). And You’ve promised that this will be without my toilsome, stressful labor. So show me exactly what I need to do, but I choose now to begin walking towards and into what You have put in my heart. I do this, no longer expecting to suffer, but expecting to advance and increase financially and in all other good ways. I take thoughts contrary to this captive and change them into thoughts of increase and success, and by doing so I bring them into submission to Your promises. What You have said is Truth. It is reality. I will succeed. I will prosper. Without toil. Amen.

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God Loves You & Is For You (Audio)

From Wednesday Night Faith Church: A great reminder. Let this message purify your thoughts about how God views you and thinks about you.

Why We Cant Depend On Feelings, Only Faith (Audio)

What is the correct position for feelings? Why can’t we depend on them? Why must things be by faith? Get encouraged and keep standing and acting in the Truth of God’s Word – MIRACLES and RESULTS will happen just like the Bible teaches us.

God Wants You To Have Life Abundantly! (Audio)

We need to hear this: God wants us to have life abundantly! As a matter of fact Jesus said that’s why He came! Get encouraged, faith strengthened and joyful as we consider this great news!